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15 Remarkable Modern House Designs

Brazil Piraja House

The Piraja House is an old house that has been passed through generations. Today, it stands as a three level home with a roof garden. Back Country Home Country Home in New Zealand

This small modern residence in New Zealand is a small home comprised of a single volume. The house is located in Auckland, New Zealand. Terrace House Beautiful Terrace House in Australia With Black and Wood Exterior

This small terraced house in Australia has used bold black and wood exterior to create a stunning small modern home. Guest House

A Small Contemporary Guest House with Compact Living

This small guest house in Russia is designed as a contemporary shed complete with everything one needs from a bedroom to a bathroom. Pool House A Curved Concrete Contemporary Pool House in India

This pool house in New Delhi, India is a unique small house with a home theatre, lounge, pool area, changing room and gym. It features a curved concrete shell. Railway House Exquisite and Luxurious Features in Different Levels of Railway House in Singapore

The Railway House is a semi-detached home seated in Singapore. It was designed by separating and pulling the main block away from the party wall, this semi-detached house breaks free. Ark House Stunning Renovation of the Ark House in Australia

This Ark House is a renewal and third interpretation of a holiday home. The design is a mix of materials and some glass windows that allow light to enter the interior. Mount Pleasant House Mount Pleasant: A Home for Music and Entertainment in Canada

The Mount Pleasant House was converted into “two connected yet disparate buildings into a single cohesive new home with a focus on music and entertainment”. Maskiell Home Maskiell Home in New Zealand Gets a Stunning Contemporary Addition

The Maskiell Home is a renovated home in Auckland, New Zealand with 4 bedrooms, a study and open-plan living area. The design was based on the form of a contemporary shipping container. Kew House Renovation and Extension of the Kew House

The Kew House is another unique renovation of a small house with its claw roof and folding theme of the house. If ‘Simple’ is what you have in mind for your modern house, the following design are great for inspiration: Theodore Wirth Ranch

Theodore Wirth Ranch Exudes a Homey Modern Vibe

The Theodore Wirth Ranch is a two-storey house in Minneapolis, Minnesota that is a fine example of a simple modern house. House In Messaria House In Messaria: A Stunning White Modern Home in Greece

The House In Messaria is a modern house which combines its design with traditional Greek architecture. Rough House

Striking Indoor and Outdoor Features of the Rough House in Vancouver

The Rough House in Vancouver used carbonized cypress cladding, board-form concrete and repurposed board form boards white washed for exterior window surrounds and soffit. It also has an elevated exterior landscape which includes a green roof and a wall. Palma Plaza Spec Palma Plaza Spec in Texas: A Modern Home with Peaked Roof

The Palma Plaza Spec in Texas used peaked roofs instead of a flat roof design. It started as a spec house and turned into a lovely house after construction. Mid-Block Contemporary House Beautiful Mid-Block Contemporary House in Australia With Black and Wood Exterior

This Mid-Block Contemporary House in Australia is a beautiful contemporary house with a black facade and a simple geometric design. Residencia Cumbaya Residencia Cumbaya: Luxurious Contemporary Home with an Oversized Pivoting Wooden Door

The Residencia Cumbayais a luxurious home that has an underground garage and a pivoting wooden door. Hayes Road

Hayes Road: A Simple Modern Home in Melbourne

The Hayes Road is a simple modern residence made for a young family featuring geometric architecture and minimalist interiors. Modern Home in Toronto A Modern Home With Bright Interiors in Toronto, Canada

This modern home in Toronto is a unique modern home with bright interiors as its windows bring in natural light into the home. It also used a combination of wood and concrete materials. 1653 Residence 1653 Residence: A Stunning Simple Modern in Kansas City

This 1653 Residence is a simple modern home has 3 bedrooms & 2.5 baths with a compact but open floor plan. Villa Huizen Exquisite Landscape Bare of Villa Huizen in Netherlands The Villa Huizen is a sustainably designed home that utilises glass materials to allow sustainable light in the interior. Somerset Renovation Before and After Photos of the Somerset Renovation in Maryland The Somerset Renovation in Maryland is a renovated home that included an updated kitchen and bath and a living area with an open layout achieving a modern and airy space. 1930’s House in North London Magnificent Changes Applied in the a 1930’s House in North London The 1930’s House in North London is a house originally built in 1930 and was transformed into a spacious, light-filled home for the clients and their four children. Casa Bilbaina Promising Vicinities of the Casa Bilbaina in Spain The Casa Bilbaina in Spain is a 7,200 square feet home with a geometrical figure facade. Flip Flop House The Charming Interiors and Exterior in the Flip Flop House in California The Flip Flop House in California is a home in Venice, Los Angeles that has a top-floor pivoting walls, elevator, wrap-around terrace and the oceanic view. Issaquah House Issaquah House in Squak Mountain With Modern Cottage Features The Issaquah House is a house that combines sustainable materials and features while giving the homeowners a modern living. Eco-friendly homes are mostly preferred nowadays to help sustain the environment. Below are some example of an Modern Eco House. Green Home Capitol Hill 5-Star Built Green Home Features Solar Panels and a Green Roof The Green Home is a beautiful contemporary house that features solar panels and a green roof. Hoan House Hoan House Features a Roof Garden in Vietnam The Hoan House is a home with a roof garden containing so many plants of various types. Pleated House Pleated House: A Contemporary House with a Green Roof in Wisconsin The Pleated House is a house with different volumes features a green roof and a clean interior. It is also located in a wooded area which brings more appeal to the home. Sun Path House Impressive Sun Path House in Miami Beach The Sun Path House is a three-storey extension with a solarium at the time. The design is based on the figure of the sun and has a sustainable design. Indochina Villa Environmental and Classy Features of the Indochina Villa Saigon in Ho Chi Minh City The Indochina Villa Saigon is a house which focuses on the association of the interior design to the exteriors. It aims to integrate the surrounding that may complement with the lifestyle of the homeowner. Greenberg Green House Prevailing Interiors in the Greenberg Green House in California The Greenberg Green House is a house that forms a model for combining the state-of-the-art design together with the energy strategies that may certainly come up with a more well-organized and developed residence. Eco-Sustainable House Exceptional Features Uncover in the Eco-Sustainable House in Paris, France The Eco-Sustainable House is a house that is shaped by out-dated zoning regulations. It’s roof is shaped like a pergola that allows natural light and ventilation in the rooftop. For those who love the unusual and extraordinary, below are some unusual modern house designs for you to feast on! Flex House A White Ribbons Winds in the Flex House of Switzerland The Flex House is a house has a distinct ribbon-like surface that defines the different levels and makes it appear totally unique. LA West Hollywood Modern Home LA West Hollywood Modern Home Features Angular Lines and Geometric Styles The LA West Hollywood Modern Home is a modern house features angular lines with charcoal and smoky orange color combinations both for the exterior and interior. Its unique facade sets it apart from other homes in the area. Sunflower House Exceptional Geometrical Forms and Design Expose in the Sunflower House in Spain The Sunflower House is a house is designed like a flower. It was able to identify each particularities of this magnificent landscape, with its geometry, the house frames a multiplicity of different and specific views and builds up content spaces that inhabit great big framed views. Scape House Distinctive Geometric Forms of the Scape House in the Shiga, Japan The Scape House is a house built in the beach of Byron Bay, Australia. The house reveals the different amazing areas that also provide the luxurious experience with the members of the family. Tent House Tent House: A Totally Distinct Retreat in Waiheke Island, New Zealand The Tent House is a unique home that is inspired by a tent and it does look like a tent but it has a modern minimalist interior. The upper level can be accessed through a spiral staircase. Leaning House Surprising Zinc Cladded Leaning House in South Korea The Leaning House is a zinc cladded house with a slanted design. It has an open floor plan and has more rooms too. Monteblanc House Attractive and Relaxing Spaces in the Monteblanc House in Okazaki, Japan The Monteblanc House is a structure with a gable-house-shape with a continuous exterior space from the 1st to the 3rd floor under large inclined roof.5 large openings in the inclined roof. Ga On Jai Imposing Courtyard and House Design of the Ga On Jai in South Korea The Ga On Jai is a contemporary residence that showcases an inner courtyard. It has a 3,541 square foot (329 square meters) of living space that allows home owners to enjoy both the indoor and outdoor areas. House in Kings Cross Exceptional Features and Style of the House in Kings Cross in Canada The House in Kings Cross is a home with triple layered slate with stainless steel clips that are built to the last 100 years and the windows have wooden frames, indoor marble, stone, glass and wooden finishes on its facade. Caterpillar House The Architectonic Elements in the Caterpillar House in Santiago, Chile The Caterpillar House is the home of an art collector and his family. With the exceptional design and concept, the designer strategically made the proposed integration of the territory to the house. We know how important it is to have more design inspiration. As a bonus, we have more Modern House Design Ideas below: Modern House at Night Very Nice House This was designed by Arch. Bienvenido Negradas Jr. an architect from Philippines and currently based in Doha, Qatar. House in Modern Style Amazing Modern Design A modern style house visualization for a Construction company in Russia showing its best view. House Design From Moscow Another view of the exterior house. Modern Home in Sumatra Must Have Modern House Sumatra A decent house design that has been modeled using cad and rendered in VRay and designed by NyomanWinaya. Faisalabad Residence Faisalabad House Residence The photo shows a contemporary house exterior in Faisalabad designed from a group called design works destined from Pakistan. Combining concrete and wood texture making it look more elegant. Faisabad House Design Here goes another angle of the beautiful contemporary house residence. The House Must Have House Design A challenging project as the architect described. A brilliant concept and design of Andres Remy. Wingpoint House Defining Modern Home Design A 3100 square feet modern house just near the beach of Bainbridge Island. Melody Lane Modern House Pretty Melody House A 2,900 square foot modern house located in Edmonds showing a good combination of landscape and the house’ exterior feature. Modern Home Distinct Splashy House The materials used in this house has been selected according to modernity and distinctiveness. Distinct Modern Design The photo shows another angle of this modern house style. This masterpiece and above was made by willanordic. Modern House Impressive Home Made by TsAO and McKOWN A 4,500 square foot house located at Long Island. Exterior Front Very Much Remarkable House Design This is called the Sunlight House because of the ventilation from the walls making the lights pass inside its interior. Oz Residence Incredible House and Modern Swatt Miers, the designer of this project really made an awesome job. This is the new Oz Residence located at Silicon Valley, California. Sinbad Creek Residence> Awesome Sinbad House Design A 4,000 square foot contemporary house located at Sunol, California. Marley Residence Marley House The house follows an L-shape which has 3 levels. Marley House Residence This modern house is located at Lafayette, California. Orr Residence Orr house The modern residence measures 5,080 square foot. Shimmon Residence Shimmon House

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