16 Relaxing Bedroom Designs for Your Comfort

The bedroom is one’s sanctuary at daytime or nighttime. To some, it is one perfect place away from the world to feel at ease.How to Design bedroom The very first thing to determine before you start designing your bedroom is your likes and interests. Think of what you really want for a bedroom. As well as the theme you want to achieve. You can do anything you want with your bedroom as long as it won’t make you feel uncomfortable. Most bedrooms show the interests and favorites of those occupying it since it is a private area. Let your bedroom show your personality. If you do that, you will love to stay in your own private hub. Choose a color palette Color is very important for it helps create the kind of ambiance you want for your room. Smartly choose colors that would fit your room. One thing that you have to consider when choosing colors is your bedroom size. If your bedroom is small, use lighter colors to make it look bigger. But you can also add some gold accents to it so it will look cozier. If your bedroom is big, you can play with patterns and bold colors in it. How to Design bedroom Your room size is one thing that needs to be looked into. Everything you need for the design of your bedroom will depend on the size of your bedroom. Do not fill it with too much stuff if your room is just small for it will look crowded. Also, see to it that the arrangement inside will give the room more space for moving around it. Choose patterns and textures to use Using patterns and textures is one way to add more life to your bedroom. You can use patterns to your bedroom’s walls and other items in it. Patterns can also be used for your bedding set. For instance, place an area rug near your bed to add a soft texture into it. You can also add other decorations that have different textures like furs or some wooden accents. How to Design bedroom Light is of course very important. A well-lighted bedroom would help one do other important tasks while inside. But you have to make sure that there are also dimmers. A bedroom has to be equipped with different kinds of lighting because homeowners would be using a different light when going to sleep. You can provide a lampshade near the bed or some wall sconces on the header part so that you can turn off your light and leave these lighted for they give dimmer light. Be creative Creativity is one thing that will help you get a design of your own. Check on your stuff if you can reuse some of it. You can also try to make decorations for your bedroom. It doesn’t have to entail a huge amount of money when decorating a bedroom. All you need is to be creative. How to Design bedroom Get accessories that are suitable for your bedroom’s theme. You can actually use stuff that you already own. You can try to improve them if you want. You can also try to go to shops that sell cheaper items or those which are on a bargain. You can go back to the previous tip and be creative with your bedroom accessories. Choose bedroom furniture well Your bedroom will be empty without bedroom furniture. Choose a good bed. You can also get a bed that goes well with your bedroom theme. You can also add bedside tables, seating areas, storage areas and other items that you need. But when getting furniture, do not just look at the design but also consider the size and quality of materials. Have enough storage spaces Make sure that your bedroom is organized. You can do this if you have enough storage areas to keep all your belongings. There are many smart ways to have storage spaces inside the bedroom. Look into your room and determine what you can use as storage aside from your wardrobe cabinet. How to Design bedroom If you decide to use your bedroom in other purposes, then, you have to take it into consideration when designing it. Some homeowners use their bedroom as a working area at the same time. Some also have areas for art and music. Decide on what you want for your bedroom and include that in your design. We all want a unique yet comfortable bedroom to go home to and rest for the night. A place that we can roll around all day and just be lazy. To give you some design inspiration, here is a collection of various bedroom types you just might want to have too! Let us take you to the fascinating world of bizarre bedroom designs with this next collection. The designs will inspire you to be creative and use your imagination to come up with your own scheme and interiors. You will be surprised at the ideas and concepts these bedrooms were made of. Bluish-Gray Room unique bedroom designs Kadir Aznaz I love the cold bluish-gray wall and the glowing, round mirrors on the ceiling! It sure brings a modern flair while the hanging cage-style light fixture on both sides of the bed give its industrial look and the natural color of the wood adds warmth and coziness. Themenzimmer Car Wash Themenzimmer Car Wash V8 Hotel Who would not be impressed with this vintage car for a bed and a retro car wash setting for a theme? I bet all car enthusiasts will love to get this bedroom for their own. Loft Bedroom Loft Bedroom Vinguyen Design This bedroom idea is for those who love industrial and vintage style. The white, brick walls provide a good canvas for the interesting finds set as decor in this sophisticated bedroom design. Vaucluse Apartment Vaucluse Apartment Rudolfsson Alliker Clean lines, bright, crisp white and the natural rich color of timber make this modern bedroom design sleek and inviting. Its ceiling treatment distinguishes the bedroom from the rest of the open space. Lush Lush The cave-style bed has a mirror wall that creates depth and reflects light coming from the recessed lighting on the bed’s ceiling. The intricate patterns and muted colors enliven this unique bedroom design. Pickcells Pickcells Pickcells This room is anything but boring! White walls and stylish ceiling make a stunning backdrop for the vivid colors. It is used as accents for this fun bedroom design. Its futuristic appeal made more stunning with the asymmetric arrangement of different colored squares on the headboard and its light fixture. Soothing Neutral Soothing Neutral Caroti The warm color of the wood makes this bedroom soothing. While the pops of turquoise on the accessories give its mod-vibe. The nautical-inspired shelving bring whimsy and charm to this one-of-a-kind bedroom interior. High-End Residential Project High-End Residential Project Sonali Shah This is one pretty bedroom with a futuristic flair. The high-gloss surfaces of the closet, dainty pendant light, the ceiling-to-floor fabric enveloping the bed makes it privy and cozy. Sam’s Creek unique bedroom designs Bates Masi Architects LLC We love the effect of the laminated wood in this unique bedroom design! It seems like moving and coming right at you! The natural, rich color of wood brings a soothing and calming air in this small space. Angelina Estates Angelina Estates Bella Home Builders Inc This is an awesome nautical theme for your little man who loves fishing! The rustic touch of wood brings tranquility to its traditional interior. Starfish Starfish Caroti This starfish-inspired bedroom is perfect for your little mermaid who loves everything about the beach. Round Room Children's Room Vadim Kadoshnikov Round paneled wall, architectural ceiling and accent lighting on the wall and ceiling give this stunning bedroom personality and an ultra-modern look. Lush Bedroom Lush Lush A mod red bed with blue light underneath, mirror on the wall and the light fixture create a futuristic feel in this minimalist bedroom. The mustard color of the wall is a perfect backdrop for the pops of red in this extraordinary space. La Vista Chalet unique bedroom designs Heba Tullah Samir Painted buckets used as pendant lights, old wooden doors for an accent wall that doubles as a closet and an oversized wall clock for a headboard make this room impressively bizarre. Monochromatic Room Bedroom Yovo Bozhinovski The black and white color scheme, clean lines, high-glossy surfaces, large-scale mirror, stunning wall lighting and the bed’s platform that continues to the ceiling and wall make this futuristic bedroom unique and inviting. Faux Hanging Bedroom Faux Hanging Bedroom Lindsey Hene Interiors Green makes a soothing and refreshing color for bedroom interiors. Gold chains add interest in this four-poster-bed, geometrical patterns bring modern touch, pops of black on the mirrors, window treatments, wall art, area rug, and light fixtures give personality to this unique design. Space-Themed Room Extreme Makeover Bayless Custom Homes Inc. Do you want to experience living in a space shuttle, traveling around the universe? Or you may have a son who dreams to live in space or be an astronaut, then this spectacular bedroom idea is perfect for him. Urban-Loft Urban-Loft Estudio Gutman Lehrer This is a great idea for those with limited space. Space was separated by an inclined-ceiling, adorned with picture frames. The overhead and bedside lighting are beautifully done giving a cozy ambiance. The Barrel The Barrel Airbnb, Dirk Beer lovers here is something that is sure to catch your interest- a beer barrel bed! How cool is that? Riverton- Ewell unique bedroom designs Upland Development, Inc. I love how this loft space was designed! The pink floor to wall carpet, recessed lighting, round mirrors all around, pops of green and pink make this room adorable and fun. A modern bedroom usually has bright and neutral colors that maximize the amount of natural light and uses subtle accent hues. Here are some cool examples of modern designed bedrooms that uses these characteristics and more! Union Bay Residence Union Bay Residence’s modern bedroom looks great with its wood accented wall. The combination of white and grey to the wooden color makes the room relaxing. Old Chino Canyon Home Bedroom This bedroom at the Old Chino Canyon Home also uses wood accents on gray and white colors. The designer also added a full-length mirror on the dresser to widen the space. Villa Kali Bed Villa Kali’s bedroom design is relaxing with its wide and open space and glass wall with views outside. Bell Henry Residence Room Bell Henry Residence’s bedroom is minimal and modern with large windows and views of the backyard. The room is accented by black and brown colors to give it an interesting appeal. Palma Plaza Spec This room at the Palma Plaza Spec has a simple and modern design with its geometric patterned rug and floor-to-ceiling glass walls. Hibiscus Island Residence The bedroom at the Hibiscus Island Residence is homey with plenty of storage space in the form of the wall of cabinets on the side. The colorful painting on the wall adds a splash of color to space. House 2 Rishon LeZion House 2 Rishon LeZion’s bedroom has a glass sliding doors and floor to ceiling glass walls that opens to the pool. House 2 Rishon LeZion Here is another view of the room with the other side facing the pool. Casa Puerto Cayo Casa Puerto Cayo’s modern bedroom looks refreshing with glass walls opening up to the views of the ocean. The bedroom has minimal types of furniture with brown highlights. Lahaye Residence Lahaye Residence has a bedroom with simple and modern furniture. The room was an as dark bed frame and dark bedside table. It’s wooden cabinet compliments the lighter wood floor. Bay View House The bedroom a the Bay View House used wood panels and accents on the wall. The bedroom has large sliding doors leading to the bathroom. Fazenda Boa Vista Fazenda Boa Vista’s bedroom is pleasing to the eyes with its wooden board ceiling and floor. The open floor to ceiling walls are shaded with white curtains to add a dramatic effect. Rumah Miring Bedroom in Jakarta This room at the Rumah Miring looks incredible with its open galls walls and minimal furniture. You can feel pretty much light and airy with the bedroom design. Flex House Bedroom in Switzerland Flex House’s bedroom’s red velvet chair is the only furniture with the bright color in this room. He gray and white color of the bedroom is refreshing next to the floor-to-ceiling glass walls that afford the view of the lake outside. Rising Glen Bedroom The bedroom at the Rising Glen looks sensational with the different hues of brown in the room and the potted plant at the center of the room. The walls are white, giving it a cold and relaxing ambiance. Hollywood Hills Home Hollywood Hills Home’s bedroom looks dramatic with the fireplace glowing with the skyline of the city as seen in the big open window. The room uses darker wood for the floor and light wood colors for the wall. Contemporary bedrooms often use a headboard, a centerpiece dresser, and some accent wall. Below are some great design ideas if you want this type of design for your personal space. Glen Isla Home Glen Isla Home’s bedroom has a cute little penlight above the small bedside table. The chair in the corners looks comfortable too with its denim-like color. House In Messaria The bedroom at the House In Messaria has white walls and white accents on the door and the window. Its designer has made use of the colorful bedsheet and dark chair to add color to the room. Bespoke Modern Town House Bespoke Modern Town House’s cool pen light and mirrors add an elegant look to the room. The brown walls and floor looks great and comfortable too. Sticks and Stones House The bedroom at this Sticks and Stones House uses brown wooden panels on the headboard that is also identical to the side tables. The designer has added gold-colored penlight on the side and light gray color on the bed. Feldman House Feldman House ‘s bedroom is homey with its cute rug and simple painting on the headboard. The room also has a wide glass wall that opens to a small patch of garden in the backyard. Blue Lake Retreat Blue Lake Retreat’s bedroom is cute and colorful with its bright patterned rug and colorful painting. The bed and the chair is white as well as the wall. Claremont Residence Claremont Residence’s bedroom’s soft gray carpeted floor looks comfortable along with the large bed. The room doesn’t have that much furniture and opens up to the wide open area at the front.s Fallsview Residence This bedroom at the Fallsview Residence has zen-feel to it with the views of large and tall trees. The room also has dark wood walls and bed frame to balance the light and open floor-to-ceiling wall. House Above a River This bedroom at a House Above a River in Australia has a cool combination of brown, gray and white in its interior. The bed looks comfortable enough with its plushy pillows. Glass mirrors can also be seen in the walls of the room. Home on Di Lido Island The bedroom at this Home on Di Lido Island has refreshing views of the view that is even maximized with its open walls. The designer has also added a triple-seater couch at the side for and a lounge chair for relaxing views. Los Angeles Contemporary House Bedroom This bedroom at a Los Angeles Contemporary House’s has made the dark and light contrasts of white and dark gray to make this room look elegant and relaxing. It also opens to wide views of the city skyline. N° 1864 Greenwich This house at the N° 1864 Greenwich has a bedroom that looks comfortable with this wood-lined headboard and plenty of storage space in the wall. The subtle pattern on the rug gives the room a nice touch. Playful Modern San Francisco Home The bedroom at a Playful Modern San Francisco Home has lovely views over its backyard with its large glass wall. The soft furry rug at the edge of the bed looks cozy too. Telegraph Hill House’s bedroom looks very functional with the working table near the window and the comfy window seat near it. The dark highlights of the room look comfortable too. Leschi Dearborn House The bedroom at the Leschi Dearborn House has gorgeous views of the ocean that is maximized with its open walls. The designer added some black accents to the room making it sophisticated. Commercial-Residential Building in Thailand The bedroom at this Commercial-Residential Building in Thailand looks cozy with it gold lighting. The wide bed looks really inviting and the space open and has plenty of space. Beach House in Perth The bedroom in this Beach House in Perth has a chic vibe to it with its white walls and table. The room has gray accents on the headboard, office chair and on the window. Traditional bedrooms make use of vertical lines and fabrics in florals, plain color, and muted plaids. Here are some examples of traditional designs for bedrooms. Stunning Modern Home This bedroom at a Stunning Modern Home has a rather friendly and light vibe to it with its brown and white colors and wooden furnitures. Greenwich Street Townhouse Residence The bedroom at this Greenwich Street Townhouse Residence looks very elegant and classy with its high and comfy bed. The patterned wall at the headboard adds a nice traditional touch to the interior of the room. Locust Hills Residence Locust Hills Residence’s bedroom uses of identical patterns for its curtain and throw pillow on the bed to add a darker hue of the room’s interior. The chairs and the dresser designs have a classy look to it. Interior Home Redesign The bedroom at this Interior Home Redesign uses floral patterns to enhance the aesthetic beauty of the room. The brown and green color makes it pleasing to the eyes. For a bedroom to be minimal, some of its characteristics are having simplicity in form, uncomplicated cladding, clean, open and light-filled spaces among others. Here are some examples of minimalist bedrooms. Shelton Residence Shelton Residence’s bedroom makes use of storage spaces on the bed frame and the wooden side table. The colors of white and light brown looks refreshing. Waiheke House Waiheke House’s bedroom looks cozy with it dark brown walls and wooden bed Fram and bedside table. Forest Lodge The bedroom at the Forest Lodge has a floating bed and side table that adds a cool touch to the room interior. The green and brown colors of the room blend well with the views from outside. D House D House’s room has a clean and simple design with only a side table, a chair and a bed inside it. The bed looks minimal too (with not much pillows). Casa NL_NF Casa NL_NF’s bedroom is designed with white walls and long and tall mirrors. The bed and the television stand are both floating. 1930s Modern House The bedroom at this 1930s Modern House has a wide and airy space with large windows that are covered in white curtains. The bed’s green headboard adds a splash of color to the room. Mount Lawley House Mount Lawley House’s has a dark blue carpet that adds a color to the lightroom. The small geometric stand beside the bed matches the dark carpet. Laurelhurst Carriage House Laurelhurst Carriage House’s makes use of wooden furnitures and fixtures. The wood dresser has been cleverly made to combine as a dresser, table, headboard and bed frame as one. Kew House Kew House’s cute bedroom is so minimal that it only has a bed and a small chair shaped like an elephant as its furniture. A red painting is also set on the wall to add a splash of color. Casa Maple Casa Maple’s bedroom is designed with only a bright blue covered bed with thin penlights on the side for color. There are thin glass portions of the wall that allow more light to the room. Bunk beds are generally good for large families as it saves and maximizes space. Here are some cool examples. James River House James River House’s bunk beds have 8 individual beds connected by 2 ladders only. Each bed has its own pen light for its user. Martis Olana Drive Martis Olana Drive’s bunk beds have individual storage spaces for their personal belongings. The patterned tiles also adds a nice touch to the room. Casa Jura Home Bedroom Casa Jura Home’s dark bunk beds are brightened with the bright bed cover. The homeowners have also placed some clothes hangers on the wall. Its large window also allows light to enter the room. Peruvian Beach House Peruvian Beach House’s has white and light brown accents that make it looks warm and cozy. The beds are minimal with white penlight overhead for the owners. Cube House Cube House’s has white built-in cabinets and shelves as well as white bunk beds. The colorful painting at the wall looks amazing too. Casa Maple Casa Maple double deck bed had green and purple bed covers. This particular room has large cabinets for the owner’s things. There are also wall niche with lights near each bed. Casa Maple This room has 3 beds with one being a double bed and having more space. Hale Nukumoi Hale Nukumoi’s bunk beds allow its user some privacy with the curtains separating each bed from one another. There are also cabinets below the bed for storing of space. Double-Decker Lofted Bed The Double-Decker Lofted Bed are playful bunk beds that gives children some play areas and personal spaces. The bunk beds are also designed with storage spaces inside for clothes and toys. Le Nook’s industrial designed bunk beds look cool with its white-printed bed covers and individual spaces. The designers have also made use of dark wooden walls. Martis-Dunsmuir House This bedroom at the Martis-Dunsmuir House looks colorful and homey with its bright colored bedspreads. The bunk beds also have its stairs to reach the upper deck. Boardwalk of Mothersill The bunkbed at this Boardwalk of Mothersill has individual wall niche for personal storage. The geometric design of the rug adds a cool addition to the interior. Elevated Residential House This Elevated Residential House’s bunk bed looks cheerful enough with its bright bunk beds and colorful circular rug. The designer has used some rough and dark colors for its wall. Bohemian Apartment This Bohemian Apartment’s bunk bed has a playful box theme with a chalkboard on one side and a geometric wall on the other side. Bohemian Apartment This other bunk bed is designed with a large column shaped like a tree. The light blue wall adds a cool ambiance to the wall plus a tree-painted rag on the floor. Kids bedroom are generally fun and cool. It reflects whatever the kid’s favorite is. Their rooms are often colorful and playful that reflects a kid’s personality. Here are some cool kids bedroom options. Coppin Street Apartments Coppin Street Apartments’s bedroom has a secret room with a ladder as the access. This help the kids have their own space for playing. Also, the designer only used a still as a small bedside table. Beautiful Terrace House This bedroom at a Beautiful Terrace House has a sloping dark ceiling. The room only has a white bedside table and floor-to-ceiling glass wall on one side. Urban Oasis in San Francisco The bedroom at this Urban Oasis in San Francisco looks fun with its small tepee at the side and colorful wall niche near the bedroom. The geometrical patterns of the rug and the bed brightens up the room and mixes well with the wall color. Atrium House Atrium House’s bedroom for the kids looks cozy with its pink bed covers and white storage boxes at the bottom edge of the bed for toys storage. The wall is also made up of glass on one side to allow natural light to come in. Modern Suburban Holiday Home This bedroom at a Modern Suburban Holiday Home has an elaborate wall shelves with plenty of storage space for toys and books. The circular rug and chair also adds a splash of color to the room. Torriero Home Torriero Home’s green-walled room is unique and playful. Its floor-to-ceiling glass wall allows natural light inside the room. The bed is also made of wood, with the bottom area used as a play space. Cape Cod Home This Cape Cod Home’s bedroom has a beach feel to it with the lifebouys on the wall and colorful patterned bed spreads. Kibuc Bedrooms Kibuc Bedrooms’ have a colorful theme with the pink highlights of the shelves and other spaces of the room. The design is playful with bright colors enhanced by the white walls. Modern Contemporary Residence The bedroom at this Modern Contemporary Residence has a green geometric patterned wall that compliments the orange touches of the bed and the hanging chair. The designer gave additional play area for the kids by adding a mezzanine on one corner. Greenwich Street Townhouse Residence This Greenwich Street Townhouse Residence’s bedroom has a unique feel with its hanging tree branch as lighting, mushrooms for chairs and a tepee. The soft and plushy rug makes it even cozier than it is. Nurseries are made for cute little babies. The rooms are mostly cozy and light. Here are some great cool options for you. Randwick 2 Randwick 2’s bedroom have white walls, only accented by orange and black. The room has minimal furniture including a nice comfortable chair and some colorful throw pillows. Beautiful House Above a River This nursery at a Beautiful House Above a River in Australia, has a lined-patterned wall with large open windows to let natural light in. There is also a nice circular chair near the window for a relaxing view outside. Kibuc Bedrooms Kibuc Bedroom’s for infants are nice and colorful. The flying butterflies add a nice rainbow of colors to the room. The yellow and white pattern of the crib and the cabinets also look amazing. Funky Bohemian Apartment The bedroom at this Funky Bohemian Apartment has an outdoor feel to it with its large butterfly and colorful tree decal on the wall. The crib is also wooden which compliments the decor plus a cute little plushy owl on the bright blue chair is also seen. Toronto Beach House This Toronto Beach House’s nursery looks elegant with its lavender-colored wall. The nice hanging-butterfly decor near the bed looks fun and compliments well with the interior. Functional Interior AMP The bedroom at this Functional Interior AMP in Russia has a cute and clean interior that is brightened by the bright red polka-dotted rug at the center and yellow chair. The cute colorful letters on the wall are also very eye-catching. Double-Height Loft This nursery at a Double-Height Loft has a tree-theme evident with its tree-painted wall and owl throw pillow. The lovely wooden chandelier adds a nice glow to the room. Craftsman Home This Craftsman Home’s nursery uses the bright and cheery color of yellow to accentuate the interior. The window all has a nice comfortable window seat and shelves for storage spaces. Whimsical Scandinavian Apartment The nursery room of this Whimsical Scandinavian Apartment has lovely patterns and colors that brightens the whitewashed walls. The rug and the chair are both plushy that pops out. Bedrooms with industrial designs usually have neutral and earthy-toned colors with exposed and rough interiors. Take a look at these design examples. HoF Residence The bedroom at the HoF Residence has a grungy look about it with its dark colored wall and bedspread. The room is brightened by its light carpet and light brown headboard and side table. Industrial Loft Apartment This Industrial Loft Apartment has a charming room with dark wood and brick walls and gray bed. The room is brightened by the bright yellow painting on the sides of the bed. London Loft Apartment The bedroom at this London Loft Apartment is bright and airy with its white bed and wall. The headlight also adds a warm glow to the room. We rather like the unique pattern of the wallpaper too. House Little Venice House Little Venice’s bedroom has a classic and innovative interior design. The room has high ceilings which were used to create a mezzanine to accommodate a bathroom. The ceiling over themed is padded too with soft cushions and the television is hanging on the side. House in Madrid This House in Madrid has a bedroom with lots of industrial personality. The exposed beams of the ceilings are complemented by the steel frame of the window. The designer has also used several lights on the ceiling. Its dark red coverlet on the bed adds a nice splash of color to the room too. We have gathered another collection of great bedroom interiors that are wow-worthy. It comes in all sorts of styles, shapes, and sizes that will sure to suit your character. You may get to see you greatest bedroom fantasy with our list. Dip into our gallery and enjoy these eye candy bedrooms we picked just for you! Teenage Dream bedroom interior designs Younique Designs Who would not dream to have this luxurious and elegant bedroom? Clean white walls in damask, contrasted with the gray ceiling. pops of fuchsia that makes it so feminine and a glamorous bed with plush, tufted headboard adorned in rhinestones. Mid-Century Modern Architecture amazing bedroom designs John Lautner Architect Stunning outdoor bedroom with glass walls and ceiling and glossy floor. Readily available drapes hung against the wall for privacy and to serve as protection from getting too much light from the sun. Nourth Routt Retreat Nourth Routt Retreat Kelly And Stone Architects Limestone wall makes an amazing backdrop bringing a rustic feel to this contemporary bedroom design. The faux fur area rugs soften the roughness of the stone wall. While the ceiling creates a dimension that adds extra height to this bedroom. Hudson Passive Project Passive Project BarlisWedlick Architects Soothing, cool blue on the shelves highlighted the wood-clad details in this amazing bedroom interior. Dupuis Design Dupuis Design Dupuis Design The crisp, white shelves with its bold, black lines creating geometric patterns make a sleek backdrop. The pops of vibrant colors bring playful atmosphere to this modern bedroom design. Mountain Chic Mountain Chic Abby Hetherington Interiors space is optimized with style in this rustic-chic-bedroom. Look how the designer had made a mezzanine area for additional beds. Yakusha Design Yakusha Design Yakusha Design Who wouldn’t be amazed by this Hollywood glamour-meets-ultramodern bedroom? The bright dash of color in this bedroom is truly eye-catching. Montagu Square Montagu Square Interior Desires UK This gorgeous Balinese-inspired bedroom is full of beautiful, vibrant colors. It is tied by the wooden floor and bed creating a unified scheme. Details A Design amazing bedroom designs Details A Design Teal walls matched with mint green and blue accessories create a 70’s vibe in this stunningly chic space. Design At Sketch Design At Sketch Design At Sketch Modern fireplace in a minimalist bedroom brings warmth and coziness while making it daringly sophisticated. Traditionally Modern 11. Traditionally Modern Gaurav 3D Architectural Visualization The silver, the geometric featured wall gives a fun, modern flair to this contemporary bedroom. Golden Bedroom Bedroom vkendesign Creams and browns in different tones keep this contemporary bedroom soothing and inviting. While the ceiling’s amazing architectural design and its lighting make an interesting focal point in this master suite. Floral Bedroom Interior Bedrooms Zyronezyr The floral design from the ceiling that continues down to the back of the bed doubles as a stylish headboard. Pink pops on the wall, drapes, and accessories create an ultra-feminine air in this masterpiece. The Retreat amazing bedroom designs Wyman Stokes Builder LLC Any little boy or girl will be thrilled to wake up in this whimsical bedroom. The artificial tree adds a rather nice earthy touch to the room. Macral Design Macral Design Macral Design Luxurious bed makes an elegant and sophisticated retreat. In this design, the black and silver color scheme accentuated with geometric pattern keeps the drama and elegance intact. Cherry Blossoms Cherry Blossoms Melanie Morris Designs Bold yet charming bedroom with pink Cherry Blossom wallpaper gracing around the walls. It is paired with purple and white large-scale damask rug highlight the turquoise velvet tufted bed. Kelly Wearstler Kelly Wearstler Kelly Wearstler Neutral tones, mix, and match of patterns and rich textures make this bedroom so warm and inviting without losing its elegance and luxurious vibe. Sumatra Sumatra artzen03 Airy and light, this contemporary bedroom design gives a fresh and tranquil ambiance. Its striking featured wall made of throw pillows serves as a creative headboard adds comfort and softness to the whole interior design. Beautifully Upholstered amazing bedroom designs Angelica Henry Design This could be anybody’s dream master suite! The relaxing colors, warm ambiance, the rustic touch of the fireplace that makes it a lot cozier. It’s grand upholstered soffit and headboard gives a luxurious feel and right amount of pattern and texture in the furnishings suggesting a restful haven. Girl’s Bedroom Girl's Bedroom Liz Caan Interiors, LLC This bedroom is as lovely and amazing as your little darling. It’s dainty twiggy silver wallpaper that covers the walls brings an enchanting feeling. The hot pink hanging bed suspended by ropes will sure to make your little sweetheart delighted beyond measure. Purple Bedroom Pretty in Purple Bedroom A purple bedroom with its beautiful and clean interior. The combination of white and purple makes the room look elegant. Futuristic Interior Design Futuristic Bed idea The futuristic design has been rendered using 3d Max and Adobe Photoshop by Sawaya Moroni. The wall painting matches the color of the bed sheet and adds a unifying pattern to the interior. Pieces of chess are also included in the design making it unique. Bedroom Classic Classic Bedroom concept A classic design for a bedroom adds elegance too. The gold accents around the room and the mid-century furniture make it more classy and regal. Mariya Vergezova just made it like that. Comfort Bedroom Relaxing Bedroom Designs This is an example of using earth tones for a design in a bedroom. We love the small white pieces inside the room. Relax Bedroom Design Another view of the bedroom both designed by Ilya Postnikov. Patterned Bedroom Well-decorated Bedroom With comfort Wall decoration becomes a good accent to one’s bedroom. The patterns on the inter make the room appear bigger too. impressive bedroom concept Creative patterns have been used in this design. The photo of Evgenia Kazarinova shows another view of the room. Bedroom with Comfort sweet bed idea This bedroom design shows another example of the choice in shade. With white as the theme for the whole design, purple eventually blends with it. Really Nice bed Your choice of light matters too to express the feel of your choice in style for a bedroom. That’s what Sergey Kuzmenko had in mind. Dark and Elegant Bedroom Classy Bedroom concept Choosing the right flooring material is great especially when you want to achieve an appealing classic style. Just like this bedroom interior. Bedroom Feminine Feminine Bedroom Art The choice of wall decorations and curtains gives identity to the room apart from the bed. Girl Bedroom with floral This too is a good example of considering traffic in your room. This photo shows a top view of the bedroom. Another ladys Bedroom Design Storage for stuff must be in the perfect place and illustrated by Blaga Lucian. Bedroom with Love Romantic Bed Design Fill your room with love as you pick the light that matches the whole style and the curtains too. Bedroom idea with love The photo made by Dmitry Dubrovsky shows an elegant side view of the bedroom. The F Bedroom Comfortable Bed room Fabric designs as mentioned in the 6th tip must blend with the room style. The contrast of colors is best. Comfort Bedroom Concept This design of Zeren Saglamer also shows a well-ventilated bedroom. Teen Bedroom Teen Bedroom Design Pretty This is a teenage bedroom design in Istanbul House. Another Teen Bedroom A typical room that an organized teen might want to have with all the amenities and proper storage area in place. Yasemin Oztek, the designer of this photo made it just perfect. Japanese Style Bedroom Pretty and Nice Bed Concept A recent Japanese Style Bedroom design rendered using 3d Max 2011 and Adobe Photoshop CS5. The designer used oriental blinds as a curtain and added a Japanese-themed painting on the headboard. Swedish Bedroom Pretty Cool Bed The bedroom design is the designer’s entry to the Evermotion Contest. We love how the comforter is the same pattern as the wall. The round shapes of some fixtures in the room are pretty classy. Aussie Bedroom Modern Bedroom Ilustration This is an Australian-themed bedroom design rendered using 3d Max 2011 and V-ray. The design is minimal with built-in storage spaces. Modern Master’s Bedroom Elegant Master's Bedroom Image A modern touch to the Master’s Bedroom would be a perfect escape for relaxation. The dark earth tones of the room are pretty classy. Master’s Bedroom Relaxing Master's Bedroom Photo idea Let the furniture, the curtains and the wall decorations connive so to unload stress from a hard day’s work. So… Hope we have given you enough ideas on how to make your personal space be unique and completely you!

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