7 Simple Summer Bedroom Decorating Ideas

1. Summer Bedroom Color Palette

Summer Bedroom Decorating Incorporate coastal hues like sandy beige, beach pebble gray, watery blues, and summer whites into a summer color scheme that is lighter than one you might employ in the winter.

Design Tip: Use a neutral color base for your furniture and wall color (black, white, gray, or beige) to create a flexible bedroom design plan. Then, add summer accent colors.

You may use a summer garden color palette of yellows, greens, pinks, or mauves instead of a coastal sea-inspired palette of blues!

To become a better decorator, you should be aware of the color wheel and color schemes.

Why not use a light and bright neutral tone rather than a dark paint color when painting your walls?

Of course chic white walls are always a winner for a bedroom!

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Summer Bedroom Decorating
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Summer Bedroom Decorating
  1. Include a coastal style
    A coastal design element looks fantastic in a summer bedroom!

You may include seaside themes into your bedroom’s general traditional, boho, farmhouse, or glam design plan by using bedding, toss pillows, art, and other accessories.

I incorporated coastal design into this bedroom by using beachy blue hues and shell decorations.

The summer is the ideal time to put my massive collection of starfish and shells on nightstands and dressers!

Summer Bedroom Decorating
Summer Bedroom Decorating
  1. Mattress

Lightweight, breathable cotton blend linens and a quilt should take the place of heavy duvets and flannel sheets. I enjoy utilizing white blankets! Instead of using a duvet on chilly evenings, I place one folded quilt on the bed and a second one at the end of the bed.

How to maintain white bedding’s white appearance: A reader questioned me about how I keep my white quilts so white; the answer is that I use this laundry white revive and stain removal product on them. It’s incredible!

I added a scoop to my white quilt and washed it on the cold delicate cycle.

A summer-weight duvet can be added if you truly adore them.

Add a couple of throw blankets to

Summer Bedroom Decorating
Summer Bedroom Decorating

4. Accent Pillows

Accent pillows are where you can really make a summery statement to your bedroom and bring in layers of  gorgeous color and pattern!

For patterns, stripes are perfect for summer! Pin stripes, awning stripes and chunky stripes all work!

I love these two chambray blue and white pin striped throw pillows paired with the wider awning stripe lumbar pillow – I picked these pillows up at HomeGoods.

Incorporate summertime watery blues, blue-greens and nautical navy to your accent pillows.

Accent pillows are essential accessories for a cozy bedroom so make sure you add a few to your bed, bench at the end of your bed and bedroom accent chairs.

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Summer Bedroom Decorating
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Summer Bedroom Decorating

5. Baskets
Make your bedroom lighter and brighter with baskets made of natural materials like wicker, sisal, and hyacinth grass for a summery feel.

Baskets are ideal for a tree like this lovely artificial fiddle leaf fig tree and may be used for storage in the bedroom to keep clutter at bay (important in a small bedroom!).

I adore how lush and flexible the leaves are, and how much greenery it gives our bedroom. It is ideal for both small and larger bedrooms because it is only 4 feet tall.

I adore this basket since it has a lovely tassel hanging from one of the handles and is perfect for holding my fig tree. So fun! I also adore the white.

Summer Bedroom Decorating

6. Wall Art

When it comes to decorating the bedroom most people wonder ‘What can I put above my bed?’

My advice? Hang a juju hat above your bed!

I’m OBSESSED with this gorgeous white juju hat! It absolutely ‘makes’ the room and is such a stunning focal point!

Hanging a juju hat over a headboard is the easiest way to add that ‘designer’ look! Just fluff it, hang on a nail and you’re done!

It’s so so gorgeous – if you buy one you will literally gasp when you hang it! I know I did! The feathery texture just give a cozy vibe to a room too!

See my juju hat that I hung over my living room media unit and TV here.

I kept the beautiful  Indigo coral framed prints  on the walls – because I’m obsessed with these coral prints and the indigo color!! Plus they fit in perfectly with the white and blue summer look I’m going for.

To add another touch of blue and white to the far wall of the bedroom I made some simple DIY piece of artwork.

This super quick and easy DIY art project literally took less than 5 minutes to put together!

I pulled a large white frame out from storage, took it apart and wrapped a beach sarong in a blue shibori print around the backer board of the frame! I’ve had this beach sarong since I was a teen and still love it today!

You could also frame a beautiful scarf.

I wanted to reuse my beach sarong later so I didn’t cut the fabric and I found a trick to disguise all the extra fabric too.

I simply folded the fabric behind the frame and clipped it using bulldog clips! This tidies up all the loose fabric behind the frame.

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