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A Modern Boat House with Spectacular Vistas

The client requested for a boat house that would enable easy boat parking and year-round storage. Aside from that, they also want a space that would capture sunlight and views over the water. The boathouse has been constructed using steel, with wood used as the finishing material. Cibinel Architecture The interior of the wooden boat can be seen here. Of course, you can easily see what is inside because of its open design. You will see more of the boat as you scroll down below. Boat House interior The Boathouse is nestled within a rocky shoreline and is designed for day and night time lounging and entertainment. It is located at the edge of a densely forested north facing slope with dramatic cliff faces. Boat House The resulting design based on the client’s brief is playfully expressed through vertical and horizontal planes constructed of steel and finished in wood. The structure is flanked on the east and west by cantilevers that evoke the sleekness of watercraft. According to the designers, The Boathouse celebrates the experience of arrival as visitors steer their boats in. Boat House stairs Seen here is the stairs leading to the terrace. Like the rest of the structure, it is also made from wood. Read Also: Ecological Balance Harmonized the Houseboat with Surroundings Boat House landscape One good thing about this is its surrounding which lets you placidly relax with the environment. Indeed, the landscapes that surround it could not be more striking! From here, one can see mountains covered with green vegetation and tall trees beside the clear and gentle water of the lake. All of these are coming together to create a spectacular vista. Boat House fireplace The floors of the Boat House have been covered in wood to create a warm space. There are sofas that sit beside a fireplace, ready to provide warmth on cold days. Boat House upper deck On the upper deck of the boathouse, it features a sliding mosquito curtain to make sure that the entertaining space can be used year-round. It is the focal point of social gathering where everyone can enjoy lounging with the great outdoors. Boat House vegetation Seen here is another side of the house boat which is surrounded by thick green vegetation. You can see in this image that the structure used simple lines for its architecture. Isn’t it nice to own a place like this one? It would be very exciting to have your very own boat house! But of course, get a boat first before you decide in making one. Aside from that, you have to check your city ordinances about their code in building structures in water. What is good about this boat house from Cibinel Architecture is its unique modern approach. It has a very beautiful minimalist design with simple lines and geometry that makes it appear even more appealing. It is also a good idea that they added a fireplace to keep everyone warm while taking a rest. The upper deck is a nice spot to unwind, read a book or chit chat with friends. For sure, you would like to go to a place like this just to enjoy nature, have fun and de-stress!

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