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Antique Bathroom Vanities describe designs that were popular in the past. They add a touch of magic to any bathroom. Choose an antique bathroom vanity that is in great condition. It should be neither too small nor too big. It should complement the theme of the rest of the house. Choose one that is made of the best quality. These vanities look elegant and classy and will make any bathroom a beautiful space. You can find many types of antique bathroom vanities on the market today.

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If you want to add a Victorian or Edwardian-style vanity to your bathroom, reproductions are an excellent option. These reproductions feature detailed front carvings, rich cherry or antique bathroom ivory finish, copper and brass hardware, polished travertine or French countertop edges, and other elegant features. They are built to last and look just as good as the original. To find a reproduction for your bathroom, visit your local home improvement or cabinet store.

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Reproduction of antique bathroom vanities can look just as beautiful as the original and will blend into any bathroom’s decor. A vintage bathroom vanity may be difficult to adapt for plumbing, but it is possible to find one that will work well. However, reproduction is easier to install than a true antique piece. The reproduction’s material is treated to protect it from moisture, and careful measurements will ensure that your vanity fits the room’s plumbing without looking shabby.

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Reproductions of antique bathroom vanities are available in all styles and materials. A few examples include a black or dark gray finish, antique brown finish, or taupe-brown finish. They have white calacatta marble tops. A great feature of reproduction is that it can be installed in a matter of hours, and requires very little maintenance. Antique bathroom vanities can be quite expensive, so make sure that you are prepared to invest a little.

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Antique bathroom vanities are an excellent way to add a classic look to your bathroom without giving up on modern plumbing. They can add traditional warmth to your bath space and provide a practical storage solution. You can choose a single bathroom vanity or a double one, as long as you find one that suits your needs. Buying a reproduction will save you money compared to buying a real antique. However, if you can’t find a real antique, there are also many modern reproductions of antique vanities that are equally beautiful and can fit in with your home’s decor.

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Natural materials

The natural character of the wood is beautifully showcased in antique bathroom vanities. While veneers made of exotic woods are beautiful, the silvery appearance of aging wood gives a more rustic and earthy appeal. Slightly weathered pieces have the personality of reclaimed wood, which is perfect for an old farmhouse bathroom. There are many different materials available for antique bathroom vanities. You can choose one that matches your bathroom’s decor.

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An antique bathroom vanity is more expensive than a reproduction vanity. Reproductions are more durable and can withstand the high humidity of the bathroom. While antique vanities may be more valuable, reproductions are easier to maintain, and some can be sealed to avoid damage. Some people even adapt furniture for use as a vanity, such as a dresser or dressing table. There are several different types of reproduction vanities, and you can find a vanity to fit your taste at a price that won’t break your budget.

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Antique bathroom vanities may not be waterproof, so you may want to choose a vanity with a solid surface. Then again, you can choose a vanity with a laminated surface if you aren’t too concerned about water damage. This option is great for bathrooms with high moisture content, but remember that it’s not a good option for every bathroom. If you are not sure about the durability of your vanities, look for reproduction pieces made from natural materials.

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While solid wood is the strongest, most durable material for antique bathroom vanities, it can expand and contract with changes in humidity. This can cause cracks to form in the painted finish or warping in the case of solid wood. A good solution is to add a veneer or sealant to the wood. In some cases, this may prevent any warping. However, you may still find an antique bathroom vanity that is warped.

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Curved design

The curved design is a hallmark of luxury antique bathroom vanities. A typical traditional bathroom vanity may be off-white, with some gold detailing. In contrast, the opulent Regal Row vanity is hand-painted, distressed, glazed, and features intricate carvings on the front face. Antique bathroom vanities may be as wide as thirty inches and more than a foot high. While most vanities have a curved design, some antiques are wider than that.

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Elegant antique bathroom vanity with curved legs is an easy way to bring the classic feel of an era past into a contemporary space. It is also possible to blend the old and new elements without sacrificing the style. The curved legs of an open-shelf vanity, for example, can be used to accentuate a contemporary space while retaining the aesthetics of an antique. Curved designs also help to define the vanity and separate it from the rest of the bathroom.

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If you do not feel like doing this project, you can also purchase a vanity unit that resembles the antique dresser. A curved washstand with an overmount washing bowl will add to the overall design. For a truly elegant look, consider an antique bathroom pine bureau with a curved overmount washing bowl. You can also purchase an antique vanity at a flea market, where the original is distressed. You can coordinate a distressed antique vanity with a textured bathroom design.

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Curved designs on antique bathroom vanities will instantly enhance the design of your bathroom. Antique bathroom vanities are made from higher-quality wood, and a curved design is a classic look. A Lorraine vanity, for example, is made of solid alder wood and fine cherry wood veneers. Its exquisite woodwork highlights its graceful curves. In addition, the cherry wood is polished to a rich luster. Its 31-inch width instantly evokes a sense of luxury.

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Antique bathroom vanities transition from simple single sink cabinets to double vanities. Because of their size and heft, these antique pieces are usually quite large and imposing. Made of wood and decorated with intricate wood carvings, these antique bathroom vanities are reminiscent of furniture. In addition to two sinks, antique bathroom vanities are often large and beautiful, which makes them a great choice for a spacious bathroom. If you have room for two vanities, you can opt for one with a single sink and a double vanity.

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Whether your bathroom is small or large, antique bathroom vanities are available in various sizes. There are also a variety of different styles available in antique finishes. You can choose single-sink models for large double-sink units. A small antique bathroom vanity is also an excellent option for a powder room. Although white-washed antique vanities are most popular, you can also find antique vanities in a rich dark finish or natural wood tones.

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Small antique vanities tend to only have one drawer underneath the sink, which makes them inefficient. If you want more storage space, look for antique vanities with the second row of drawers. Bombe chests are another style of vanity, which is inspired by the design of antique bathroom French dressers. They are feminine and elegant with their curved sides and cabriole legs. Their traditional design has two to three drawers, with the top drawer often being a false panel.

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If you want a smaller vanity, consider buying a vintage dresser or buffet instead. Antique bathroom dressers and buffets make wonderful bathroom vanities and can be easily found at yard sales, thrift stores, and flea markets. However, it’s important to choose a solid-wood dresser or buffet as the sink will be heavier when filled with water. A drop-in sink will fit inside the frame of an old dresser or buffet, but you’ll need to check the dimensions of the dresser’s frame to ensure that it fits correctly.


If you are looking for a vintage vanity for your bathroom, you may have a hard time deciding on the best price for your vanity. Antique bathroom vanities are generally more expensive than reproduction ones, but they come with all the benefits of modern vanity design. They offer plenty of storage space and are easy to install and maintain. But before you buy a vintage vanity, there are some things you should know first. This article will discuss some important details that you need to consider when choosing an antique bathroom vanity.

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The first thing that you should know about antique bathroom vanities is that they may be in very good condition. If the piece is in great condition, you can install it as it is to give the bathroom an authentic antique look. If you don’t want to invest in a vintage piece, you can also buy a used one and refurbish it yourself. You can get a new paint job and even a new wood countertop.

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If you’d rather not install the antique bathroom vanity yourself, it might be a good idea to hire a professional to do it for you. If you are not comfortable with DIY projects, you can hire a carpenter to do it. It costs between $500 and $2,800 to have the vanity installed by a professional. The price varies depending on the complexity of the installation and the number of fixtures that are needed.

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