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Armada House: The Wooden Box Home of Your Dreams

Armada House A uniquely designed home using geometric elements and natural materials. It has a boxed shaped facade but uses a different touch on other sides of the house. Wooden Box Home Smart usage of curves and lines is indeed obvious in this view. Wooden Box home design All sides of the house has a distinct appearance but would still be regarded as a whole. patio design An open area at the rear side of the house with gray flooring and gray furnishings. terrace benches The terrace surrounded by glass looks great with lounge chairs that matches the color of the floor. trellis design A patio that uses concrete and wood just suitable to the contemporary look of the entire house. abstract interior design The house surely receives a great amount of natural light and is even made more cosy with its high ceilings. black leather couch A perfect gray couch and a low center table with a simple centerpiece makes the living room inviting. interior design fireplace Using open space, the interior of the house looks comfortable and neat to the eyes. The open shelf makes the space look larger. living area Notice the choice of furnishings for the living area, dining area and the bar that leads to the kitchen. kitchen dining area Instead of using bigger lightings, the designer opted to use many pinlights and round luminaires to give the house a dramatic mood. kitchen design A granite top bar matched with black high chairs are very attractive. granite countertop The use of a backsplash with wooden materials and a granite top is suitable to the house that made use of natural materials. kitchen lighting The look of the entire house is indeed wrapped as one even in the kitchen. bedroom A simple bedroom with enough ventilation and great interior design. bedroom design Another view of the bedroom where you can see the use of plain black and white fabric to maintain its minimalist contemporary look. walk in closet Everything would certainly be well-kept in this walk-in closet complete with smart wooden storage areas. beautiful bathroom design Wood combined with white ceramics looks subtle yet sophisticated in the home’s bathroom. bathroom sink A different view of the bathroom showing its access towards the bedroom and the shower room. Armada House

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