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Capitol Hill 5-Star Built Green Home Features Solar Panels and a Green Roof

This is how the facade of the house looks like with wooden sidings on the exterior. The architecture of the house made use of simple lines and beautiful geometry that completed its contemporary appeal. The house has a balcony and an upper deck. Dwell Development Aside from the sidings, the flooring is also covered in wood for the terrace and upper deck. It unifies the look of the home because of the materials it used. You can also see here the solar panels as well as the green roof. Although these are not seen from the street, it makes the home energy-efficient. Capitol Hill 5-Star Built Green Home Seen here is the living room with a glass sliding door and windows. It is bright, airy, and very cozy. Notice that despite the simple furniture in the space, it looks stylish because of the throw pillows and the decors. The wooden coffee table gives the home a barnyard feel. Capitol Hill 5-Star Built Green Home interior The house has an open floor plan which means that most of the areas are located in the same space as the living room. The image shows us the living area, kitchen and dining space as well as hallways that lead to the bedroom and bathrooms. Capitol Hill 5-Star Built Green Home kitchen The kitchen used reclaimed wood adding a barnyard and rustic feel to the contemporary feel of the space. The kitchen cabinets are done in glossy white which is a good contrast to the backsplash and the wood. Capitol Hill 5-Star Built Green Home cabinet Modern kitchen equipment is used in the space and it has stainless kitchen appliances. One side of the kitchen is lined with tall floor-to-ceiling cabinets in glossy white. Capitol Hill 5-Star Built Green Home dining This is the dining area with a lovely wall decor. Gray dining chairs surround the wooden dining table. to define the space, a beige area rug is added to the dining room furniture. Read Also: Amazing Upshot of a Solar Powered Reclaimed Home in Seattle Capitol Hill 5-Star Built Green Home gaming There is also a small gaming area in the house. What makes this look interesting is its use of a sliding barnyard door. Also, the colors and materials used here are the same as the ones in other parts of the house. Capitol Hill 5-Star Built Green Home bathroom The bathroom is spacious and it has everything one needs to feel comfortable. A large mirror makes the space appear visually larger. It is also nice that there are plants inside the space. Capitol Hill 5-Star Built Green Home bath The other side of the bathroom is the shower and bath area which is enclosed in glass. One has the option to use the bathtub or just take a shower. Capitol Hill 5-Star Built Green Home terrace The terrace features an outdoor dining area with wicker furniture. It is the perfect spot to relax and dine with family and friends. Capitol Hill 5-Star Built Green Home design The house is indeed different from the rest of the homes in the area. Aside from the solar panels and green roof, the design is also unique because of its modern and contemporary touch. Capitol Hill 5-Star Built Green Home roof

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