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8 Simple Ways To Make Your Home Cozy for Fall

Home Cozy for Fall I can’t bring myself to let my financial account suffer for my fall home decor, unlike the holiday season. (However, I will figuratively fork up my whole salary in the cause of channeling Buddy the Elf with brand-new ornaments, twinkling lights, and fresh greenery.) Although I like fall, it always seems to fly by too soon.

But I can’t let October pass without making a few adjustments to mark the beginning of a new season and get ready for many months of staying in, throwing dinner parties, and enjoying couch-bound movie evenings. I’ve included eight quick methods to add coziness to your house for the upcoming fall season below.

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Home Cozy for Fall

1. Lean into textures and patterns

You want your house to seem airy and bright in the summer. However, it’s time to embrace denser textures and richer patterns as fall approaches. For instance, replace your pristine linens with luxurious materials like fake fur, chunky knits, and sherpa fleece. Change plain cushions and blankets with patterned ones (think: moody florals, textured stripes, or old-school plaid). These few adjustments quickly enhance comfort, whether in your bedroom or living space.

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Home Cozy for Fall

2. Create a cozy reading nook

Is there anything cozier than relaxing in your favorite recliner while reading a book? By creating your very personal reading nook, you can elevate the experience. There is no need to buy anything new. If you already have these items in your house, all it takes is a little rearrangement! Add a lamp, a small table for a candle and a drink, and an accent chair to the corner, and presto! pristine, pleasant atmosphere.

3. Opt for candlelight

I automatically feel the desire to recreate the Hogwarts dining hall as soon as the temperatures begin to fall. These floating candles, which Mallory of Reserve Home utilized, brilliantly captured that mood and gave candlelight evenings a fantastic twist. Even if you decide against the floating version, you will still enjoy relaxing after work in the dark illumination and glow of tall, tapered candles.

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Home Cozy for Fall

4. Bring in layers

The term “fall layers” usually elicits images of jackets and sweaters, but fashion isn’t the only area where we advise layering up. Bringing in additional textures to your home cultivates a cozier vibe that feels warm and inviting. It’ll leave you happy to trade nights on the patio with evenings on the couch. From chunky knit blankets to velvet throw pillows, we can’t help but opt for the “more is more” approach when it comes to fall home decor.

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Home Cozy for Fall

5. Add depth with rust and copper tones

Coppery hues give your living area a warm, organic feel while subtly referencing the autumnal color transition. Simple accents like a metal vase, tea kettle, or candlestick holders can add copper finishes, as can choosing rust-colored fabrics for throw pillows, rugs, or tablecloths.

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Home Cozy for Fall

6. Swap flowers for autumn branches

Fall is the perfect time to bring the outside in, and there’s no need to spend the big bucks doing so. Just forage in your backyard for a few tall branches of autumn leaves and display them in a vase. Trust me. You’ll feel like you’re roaming through the New England countryside.

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Home Cozy for Fall

7. Treat yourself to a new scent

I like to include pumpkin spice into my autumn home décor so that my house is constantly filled with the aromas of the season. What would fall be without a little nostalgia? One of the major memory and nostalgia triggers for us is our sense of smell. If pumpkin spice isn’t your thing, choose a mix of essential oils like cinnamon and orange.

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Home Cozy for Fall

8. Use seasonal fruit and veggies as decor

Displaying seasonal fruit and veggies when guests come over is one of my favorite tricks to honor the current season—without spending a ton of money. Just keep a basket or bowl full of butternut squash, pumpkins, or apples on the dining table or kitchen countertop. Since it’s something you’ll actually use, you won’t even have to store them away when the season is over.

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Home Cozy for Fall

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