How to Install a Bathroom Cabinet Over The Toilet

How to Install a Bathroom Cabinet Over The Toilet installing a bathroom cabinet over the toilet, there are several things to consider. You can choose from low-profile, solid wood, ladder shelf, or etagere models. Once you’ve decided on the style, you need to install the bathroom cabinet brace piece. Use a power drill or screwdriver to attach the cabinet brace piece. Use as many screws as possible and use washers on both the wood and screw sides.



A low-profile bathroom cabinet over the toilet can save space while adding a beautiful touch to your toilet. The cabinet’s low height means it can squeeze against low ceilings without blocking the view of art or other features. The next step is to locate the center point of your toilet before you start mounting your bathroom cabinet. If the cabinet is set off-center, it will look unprofessional and out of place. A stud finder, which you can purchase from Amazon, is necessary to ensure your cabinet will be leveled.

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These cabinets often come with two shelves or a single shelf, depending on the design. They also come with an adjustable height, allowing you to reach the desired levels. These cabinets can be purchased in different finishes to match the bathroom’s decor. Low-profile bathroom cabinets are often more affordable than full-sized ones. You can also choose one that comes in neutral colors. If your budget does not allow you to invest in a full-size vanity, you may want to consider a low-profile cabinet instead.

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The space-saving Low-Profile Bathroom Cabinet is an excellent solution to bathroom visual clutter. It also has ample space for extra toilet paper and tall spray bottles. The compact design won’t take up too much space and will fit over the toilet with minimal space. Whether you have a pedestal sink or a standard sink, this bathroom cabinet will provide storage for all your items. Once you’ve made a decision on the style of the bathroom cabinet, the next step is to determine how much space you have available.

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There are many different kinds of bathroom cabinets available. For example, a simple wire rack from West Elm will make a great towel holder for a sink. Another option is a hefty cabinet from Pottery Barn. For a small bathroom, you can opt for a simple wire rack or a low-profile cabinet with three or more shelves. Whether you need extra storage space, an over-the-toilet model with three shelves will save space.

Solid wood

A solid wood bathroom cabinet over the toilet can save valuable space in a small bathroom. Whether it is over the toilet storage, a vanity, or a freestanding bookcase, this unit has ample shelf space and can be easily removed for easy cleaning. It is made of durable P2 MDF and comes with reinforced metal handles and hinges. It is water-resistant and has floor levelers to prevent wobbly positioning.

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There are several styles and colors of bathroom cabinets available. You can choose a two-tier, three-tier, or single-tier style to fit your space and personal tastes. These pieces feature adjustable shelves and are available in various sizes to fit most bathrooms. The floating shelves are more contemporary and take up less space than the usual shelving units. Besides, some of the units even come with towel bars. These units are available in several sizes, from small to large.

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To find the perfect storage over the toilet, first, measure the space available over the toilet. The measurement should start 6 inches above the toilet tank and extend upwards to the ceiling. Next, determine how wide the space is. Obviously, the more space there is above the toilet, the better. A wooden bathroom cabinet with a shelf above the toilet can store toilet paper and an air freshener. If space is a premium, you can choose an over-the-toilet unit made of solid wood.

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If you are looking for a simple and inexpensive over-the-toilet storage unit, you can choose the farmhouse medicine bathroom cabinet. Its farmhouse design is both practical and decorative. Its two side towers have open shelves for bath products. A decorative mirror can be placed on top, and there is a shelf in the middle that can display cotton balls. These cabinets are more design-forward than the typical medicine cabinet and can be found in a variety of colors.


Located over the toilet, etageres provide efficient storage for a small, enclosed space. These storage bathroom cabinets are made of wood and extend over the toilet, fitting flat against the wall. They provide space for toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and other bathroom necessities. There are many styles and materials to choose from. At Lowe’s, you can find a variety of etageres with one, two, or three shelves, as well as enclosed wood cabinets with doors. These units come in a wide variety of neutral colors to match any decor.

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The Sauder Cottage Road(r) Over-Toilet bathroom cabinet Etagere with Doors has an adjustable shelf behind the doors that fit items of varying heights. The lower shelf is perfect for open storage, as well as for displaying home decor or stashing a tissue box. This etagere is available in a variety of finishes, including white. For the best value for money, consider the Wooden Etagere, which has a wood finish and is made from recycled materials.

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Another popular over-the-toilet storage solution is the Etagere bathroom cabinet. This product is made from good-quality MDF wood and can support up to 11 pounds of weight. Its unique design adds character to any bathroom and features two spacious shelves. This unit can also serve as a bathroom towel rack. Aside from being functional, this product also provides a stunning showcase of ranch and farm-style designs.

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The Etagere bathroom cabinet over the toilet is a space-saving piece of furniture that fits perfectly over the toilet. The unit comes with adjustable shelves behind safety tempered glass doors. This etagere offers plenty of storage for various items and offers a contemporary look. Its soft-white finish is stylish and easy to install. The unit is easy to assemble and comes with detailed installation instructions. In addition to being easy to install, this furniture is also available in a variety of colors.

Ladder shelf

The ladder shelf in a bathroom cabinet over the toilet offers excellent storage and looks great in any bathroom. It has three shelves, rather than the traditional rungs of a ladder. You can use it to store your towels, toilet paper, and other toiletry items, and the ladder itself adds visual interest to the space. Depending on the style of the bathroom, the ladder may be designed to hold towels, folded towels, or decorative plants. This type of shelf is a great choice for small spaces, as it provides extra height, depth, and positioning space for basic bathroom needs.

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A ladder shelf is a perfect option if you’re looking for minimal-effort storage solutions. Unlike other storage options, it does not require any pre-drilling or leveling. It can easily be placed over the toilet without sacrificing space. It provides the same height as a regular shelf, but the ladder has a narrower shelf between each rung. With a ladder shelf, you can use the over-the-toilet bathroom cabinet to store toiletries and decorative items.

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When it comes to storage, the space above the toilet is one of the best places to place shelves. This area is often unused, but it offers valuable storage space. It is also the perfect place to showcase decorations. Check out the sweetest digs for some inspiration, or visit lolly jane for a nice example of an over-the-toilet ladder shelf. They can be designed for a large bathroom or a small one.


A ladder shelf in a bathroom cabinet over the toilet is an elegant solution for a small space. These shelves are the perfect storage solution for your toiletries. You can easily fit a ladder shelf next to the toilet to hold extra toilet paper and wet wipes. A ladder can be purchased at a thrift store or painted to match the decor of the bathroom. You can also choose a ladder shelf made of reclaimed wood to match the overall design scheme of your bathroom.


Adding an over-the-toilet cabinet is a great way to add extra storage and display space to your bathroom. These units come in a variety of sizes and shapes. While there is no standard size for an over-the-toilet bathroom cabinet, most wooden ones have a very wide footprint. A slim-leaning ladder is a good choice for small bathrooms, and it can even hold three additional shelves.

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This style of bathroom cabinet storage is versatile and functional. You can mount it on the wall or use it as a bathroom standing rack. It also has three shelves that adjust to five different distances. You can choose from a one or two-tier version, and it comes in four different finishes. The space-saving design of this unit makes it an attractive addition to any bathroom. In addition to its storage capabilities, it also features a towel bar.

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One of our favorites is the Sauder over-the-toilet storage unit. It has several storage compartments and is an excellent option if you want to maximize the amount of space you have in your bathroom cabinet. The white finish makes it look custom-made. You can easily access all your essentials with this unit. Its sleek design is a bonus. You can even display a decorative mirror over it to add visual interest to your bathroom.

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The Metal bathroom cabinet storage over the toilet is made of durable and stable materials. The top shelf and two shelves are spacious and provide extra storage space for bathroom towels. Its attractive appearance is both elegant and functional. Its NC-coated finish prevents water and rust from corroding. The top shelf can store about five or seven kg of products, making it an ideal choice for a small bathroom. This unit is available in several colors and is the perfect addition to your bathroom.

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