How to Organize Your Bathroom Drawer

How to Organize Your Bathroom Drawer will maximize the useable space within the drawer. There are several styles to choose from, including rectangular trays and a tier-styled bathroom drawer organizer. Plastic and bamboo are two great materials to use as organizers. To help you make the best choice, we’ve outlined some tips on bathroom drawer organization. You can also check out some tutorials on to learn how to make a symmetrical grid in the drawer of your bathroom.

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Bathroom Drawer Organizer

Tiered Organizer With Sliding Compartments

A tiered organizer with sliding compartments maximizes usable storage space in a bathroom drawer. This type of organizer features sliding compartments so you can easily access the items you need most. The organizer has small holes for easy air circulation, so you don’t risk losing items or getting stuck in the drawer. The two tiers offer adjustable dividers to make the most of the space in your bathroom drawer.

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Bathroom Drawer Organizer

To maximize your bathroom drawer usable space, opt for a design that features a flat top and sliding compartments. Depending on your needs, you can choose from the numerous options available. These units can be easily assembled, and you don’t need to purchase tools to assemble them. The top of the organizer is flat and firm, enabling you to stack items and maintain orderly access.

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Bathroom Drawer Organizer

A high-quality bathroom organizer costs $100 to $120, and it can last for a lifetime. Some models come with padded feet for extra comfort when storing items such as diapers and toiletries. Some sliding organizers are more convenient and easy to use but may be more likely to break or become inconvenient than simple designs. You may want to opt for a more expensive style if your bathroom drawer is big and deep.

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Bathroom Drawer Organizer

Rectangular Trays for Organizing

There are many ways to organize your bathroom drawers, and rectangle trays are a great choice. These trays are clear plastic so they don’t visually clutter your drawer, and you can keep them clean and clear by placing them inside smaller containers. You can also create your own custom organizational system by modifying plastic containers from the dollar store. For more ideas, visit

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Bathroom Drawer Organizer

One way to make a drawer divider is to use thin pieces of wood. These are inexpensive and easy to cut. You can paint or stain these dividers to make them more decorative. You can also try your hand at making your own dividers from thin pieces of wood. Organizing your bathroom drawer is easy with this method. A simple, homemade way to organize your bathroom drawer is by making a simple symmetrical grid.

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Bathroom Drawer Organizer

Another solution is to use wall cabinets. Wall cabinets and bathroom drawers are a great option if you want to minimize the visual clutter. They are also useful for storing extra toilet paper or pedestal sinks. The Lillangen wall cabinet is 25 1/4 inches high and 8 1/4 inches deep. It offers plenty of storage space for tall spray bottles and extra toiletries. This plastic tray is made of polypropylene plastic and features four non-slip rubber feet.

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Bathroom Drawer Organizer

Plastic and Bamboo Bathroom Drawer Organizer

If you don’t have a lot of space, you can use a small woven basket to organize your bathroom cabinets or countertops. Not only are these baskets useful for keeping smaller items in an order, but they’re also easy to clean. They are lightweight and can be used to store many different types of items. Regardless of the material, bamboo and plastic are both great options for a bathroom drawer organizer.

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Bathroom Drawer Organizer

A bathroom drawer organizer is an excellent way to keep hygiene products organized and out of sight. Not only will these organizers make your bathroom more attractive, but they will save you time when it comes time to wash or dry your hands. Choose a drawer organizer that’s easy to clean, because bamboo and plastic materials are both easy to clean. Make sure to choose one with clear compartments, as these will make it easier to find the items you need. Clear plastic containers are ideal for holding liquid makeup, toothbrushes, combs, lotion, and other items that don’t need to be seen.

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Bathroom Drawer Organizer

Whether you’re looking for a wooden organizer or a plastic one, there are a number of different types of bathroom drawer organizers. Bamboo and plastic are both easy to clean and have a very long lifespan. Bamboo and plastic are popular for bathroom organizers because they look great and are durable. These materials also work great in a variety of environments, from bedrooms to dorms.

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Bathroom Drawer Organizer

Wall Mounted Washstands

You can get a wall-mounted washstand if you have a small bathroom. You can use it to store your bathroom accessories. It leaves no space for exposed pipework. This way, you can create a design feature with your bathroom furniture. A wall-mounted washstand can be more space-efficient than a floor-mounted one, and it can also be more stylish.

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Bathroom Drawer Organizer

Using baskets to organize

Using baskets to organize bathroom drawers is an easy way to make more space and keep your essentials organized. These little storage containers can be made from recycled cardboard boxes or cereal boxes. Deep bathroom drawers offer extra storage space that is perfect for tall bottles. Stack the containers vertically to save space. The smaller items can be grouped into pouches or stacking bins. This way, they won’t get mixed up.

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Another great way to organize bathroom drawers is to create a divider. You can purchase clear plastic dividers that make it easier to identify what’s in each drawer. This way, you won’t accidentally purchase something twice. Bathrooms are great places to try out the new open shelves trend. You can place woven lidded baskets over open shelves to keep products organized. You can use them to store extra toilet paper, extra soap, and more.

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Once you’ve decided on a storage solution, use it to create a system. Start by sorting items according to how you use them. Sort them by color and size. Then, use your bins to hold the rest of the things you don’t need to access every day. As you go, you’ll notice how much time it saves! By bathroom drawer, you’ll enjoy more space and have an easier time cleaning.

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Keeping items out of sight

In the bathroom, it is common to have many items and making it difficult to find the items you need. You can use a shallow bathroom drawer for smaller items and a deep one for bulkier ones. It is important to keep the items that you use most often close to your hands, such as hair ties and brushes. Deep drawers are difficult to organize and may end up in a cemetery for your old products.

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Bathroom Drawer Organizer

In addition to a bathroom drawer organizer, you can use baskets to store smaller items. Baskets and hooks make it easier to find items that are often used. Hanging clothes can also prevent wrinkles and dirt from accumulating on the floor. Using these tricks will keep your bathroom drawer tidier and more organized. A bathroom drawer organizer can also be a great investment. Try it for yourself today.

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Bathroom Drawer Organizer

Before choosing a bathroom drawer organizer, you should measure your existing drawer to determine how much space you have. If you do not have a large bathroom drawer, consider using a smaller one with dividers. This way, you can keep extras in another spot. You can also invest in some eco-friendly bamboo drawer organizers. These are made of sustainable bamboo and can be found online or at your local office supply store.

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