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How to Use Outdoor Garden Ideas to Create an Oasis in Your Home

How to Use Outdoor Garden Ideas to Create an Oasis in Your Home aside from the outdoor space, a home can take inspiration from an outdoor garden. Side returns can be turned into a natural extension of the garden. Creating a coffee table in the garden will create a cozy and inviting area. And if you’re looking to create an oasis, plant lush foliage, and an outdoor garden coffee table will be a centerpiece. This way, you can enjoy your outdoor space all year long.

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Outdoor Garden Ideas

Raised beds

Using raised beds in your outdoor garden can provide many benefits. For starters, they require less maintenance, and they can serve as a shade for weeds. Additionally, they can be linked with poultry wire or hardware cloth to keep pests out. And because they are narrow in size, they make it easy to install an overhead frame that will support frost-resistant covers. You may also decide to plant a variety of vegetables.

Outdoor Garden Ideas

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of purchasing raised beds, you can build your own. You can build a raised bed using simple materials from the hardware store, including straight timber, thick logs, and smaller branches. You don’t have to pay an architect to design this outdoor garden idea – you can build a wooden box and attach it to your fence. These are a great way to display plants and use them as beautiful window boxes.

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Outdoor Garden Ideas

When designing a raised bed garden, don’t forget to consider the space you have available. You can fit several raised beds in a small space, and you can also use one as an outdoor sitting area. One example is a multi-level raised bed designed by Peter Donegan Landscaping. It contains a lamppost, potting shed, and bench section. It is perfect for a small outdoor garden or for temporary use. As a bonus, these raised beds will age naturally over time.

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Outdoor Garden Ideas


You don’t need to spend a fortune on planters for your outdoor garden. You can reuse a discarded desk or armchair as a planter. Paint it a cheerful color and pull out the drawers in a graduated fashion. Fill them with potting soil or plant pots. Another creative idea for a planter is to turn an old kitchen sink into a garden container. Secure old plates to the bottom of the sink and fill it with potting soil. Add a succulent.

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Outdoor Garden Ideas

You can use old galvanized metal watering cans as planters. These containers are surprisingly sturdy and blend in with your outdoor garden decor. If you’d like to save money, you can even retrofit wooden patio furniture with planter boxes. You can even find planters at yard sales or garage sales. The bottom part of the planter fits inside a wicker basket so you can change it up anytime. Using different sizes makes for a neat and beautiful look.

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Outdoor Garden Ideas

Another great way to reuse planters is to upcycle old items. You can use an old laundry basket as a planter by hot-gluing the burlap on the inside. Once it is dry, use it to hold plants. Another great idea for an eye-catching planter is to upcycle an old toolbox. You can fill it with succulents or greens, and hang it on a sunny wall near the kitchen door.

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Outdoor Garden Ideas


Succulents are an excellent choice for outdoor gardens with low water requirements. These plants are drought tolerant and have unique structures for storing water. They come in many shapes and colors. Most succulents use their fleshy leaves to store water while some have stems and roots. Succulent leaves tend to be thick to prevent evaporation. The great thing about succulents is that they are drought tolerant and can withstand long periods of drought.

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Outdoor Garden Ideas

When choosing succulents for an outdoor garden, keep in mind that they must be planted in a sunny location. You will have to plant them in a well-planned plot. Before planting, check the soil. If you have to dig a hole for them, they will look lost in the surrounding foliage. Check the soil texture. If it drains well, the soil is porous enough. If not, mix in some sand or other material to improve the texture of the soil. For larger gardens, plant spreading species among other plants.

Outdoor Garden Ideas

You can also choose between various types of succulents. Some outdoor garden succulents like Sempervivum and Christmas cactus do well in bright sun, while some prefer dappled shade. Make sure that you have enriched soil before planting. Succulents also need free-draining soil. If you have a patio or deck, consider adding a few succulents around the edges of the area. Succulents do not need deep soil, but you should cover their roots with aggregate.

Outdoor Garden Ideas

Moroccan decor

Adding a touch of the exotic to your outdoor garden can be as simple as using Moroccan garden ideas. Hardscaping and plants that thrive in warm climates are a great way to give any garden a Moroccan touch. You can add a touch of Moroccan flair to your succulent or tropical garden by incorporating these plants. For more information on how to create a Moroccan garden, visit the Planted Wells blog. It features lots of Moroccan garden ideas for you to get started.

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Outdoor Garden Ideas

To get started, create a plan of your outdoor garden and sketch out your ideas. Using tracing paper that does not have lines, sketch out your ideas on the paper. Cut out scaled elements and experiment with their placement on the plan. If you don’t complete this project in a single day, leave it for a few days. Make sure to enjoy the process. It’ll help you avoid the frustration of not having finished your garden right away!

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Outdoor Garden Ideas

The design of Moroccan gardens makes use of tall swaying palms and olive trees. Their shape and branches are intended to create a feeling of tropical heat. Plant them near the courtyard and further back for optimum visual impact. The key to Moroccan gardens is to create an arrangement where each room of the outdoor gardens is visible. If possible, plant the trees at the back of the garden to provide a view from every angle. In this way, you can make the most of the entire Moroccan garden, from the kitchen to the bedroom.

Outdoor Garden Ideas

Water features

Whether you have a large property or a small space, there are several water features you can incorporate into your outdoor garden living space. Outdoor water features not only look attractive but also work in harmony with your plants and landscape design. Water features are also a great choice for pets, as they keep your pets cool during the hot summer months, enabling them to spend more time outdoors. But you don’t have to have a swimming pool.

Outdoor Garden Ideas

If you want to add a relaxing element to your outdoor garden, consider water tables. These water tables have sleek metal exteriors and are often paired with bubbling fountains. The water creates relaxing ripples and some come with LED lighting, which provides a beautiful effect. Water tables are ideal for small gardens, and they look great surrounded by relaxed planting. Water tables also work well in sitting areas, where they can subtly divide zones and add character to the space.

Outdoor Garden Ideas

Small water features are a great addition to any outdoor garden living space. They can provide a tranquil atmosphere and mask road noise. They can also attract wildlife. In addition to water fountains, there are many other ways to incorporate water into your landscape. If you want a small feature, consider adding a birdbath or rock pond. Whether you have a small backyard, a pond, or a rock pond, water features are a great way to enhance any outdoor space.

Planting a flower garden

Before you start planting your flower outdoor garden, make a plan. Draw out your design on paper. You can use this plan to determine which flowers and shrubs will grow best where. After you’ve drawn your design, start digging the soil. This will break down the soil into manageable particles, making it easier for the flowers to spread their roots and absorb nutrients. Digging will also help you avoid destroying the roots of the flowers by disrupting new growth.

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Outdoor Garden Ideas

Choose your flowers wisely. Some flowers are perennial, while others need replanting every year. If you’re going to plant perennials in your flower outdoor garden, you may want to plant one for each season, such as spring and fall. Make sure to read up on the bloom times and types of flowers so you can choose the right plants for your space. There’s no one way to plan the layout of your flower garden – it’s a constant work in progress.

Outdoor Garden Ideas

Choose a site that gets plenty of sunlight. Many flowers grow best in full to partial sunlight. Be sure to choose a spot away from other activities so that they can thrive. You also want to select a location that doesn’t get too much moisture or is inaccessible. This will ensure that your flower outdoor garden thrives. But make sure to select a location where your flowers won’t have to contend with heavy traffic.

Creating a zen area

Creating a zen area in your outdoor garden can be a challenge, but there are some things you should know. To begin, make sure that you have enough space to think comfortably. You don’t need a large space to create a zen area, but you should have some open space to spread out. Do some research on backyard zen gardens and think about the plants that would best grow in your climate. Next, make a short list of the essentials.

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Outdoor Garden Ideas

For example, the classic Japanese outdoor garden focuses on moss-covered earth and a single manicured tree. The moss-covered earth and perfectly rake sand make a tranquil space. If you’re trying to mimic a zen outdoor garden in your own garden, consider incorporating bamboo as a natural fence. Bamboo also makes a good choice for a pergola, pagoda, or arbor.

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Outdoor Garden Ideas

Another way to add a zen effect to your backyard is to build a stone path. This simple project can serve as a walking path through your yard or a zen garden area. To create a zen garden, you’ll need a couple of 2X4s and some stones. You can use any design you like, as long as it has the right materials. There are many other ways to incorporate a zen outdoor garden into your outdoor space, and these are just a few of them.

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