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Preppy Room Design Ideas if you’ve ever wondered what a Preppy-themed room might look like, there are some good ideas for getting the look. Start by choosing vintage-looking accessories and bedding. Bold, classic patterns and colors will add a unique twist to your preppy room. Then add vintage hunting or golf prints, and add a bright pink end table for a bold splash of color. There are plenty of ways to create a preppy room, so get creative.

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Preppy aesthetic bedding

The preppy room aesthetic is defined by its clean, classic looks and youthful energy. If you’re interested in decorating your daughter’s room in the preppy aesthetic, consider purchasing her bedding from Pottery Barn Teen. You’ll find cute prints and playful elements that reflect the preppy aesthetic. Bedspreads for preppy girls come in twin, full, and queen sizes. You can also add zebras, palm trees, and other fun elements to her room.

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Another way to incorporate the preppy room aesthetic is by introducing neon signs into your bedroom. These can be customized with a saying or a favorite image. You can even add some texture to the room by adding different textures. If you want to feel comfortable, choose a duvet with fun designs, such as the Zig Zag. This design is both decorative and functional. It is also a healthy choice. You can even get a neon sign with your favorite preppy sayings etched onto it.

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Another way to create a preppy room in the aesthetic style is to add string lights and hanging plants. Using hanging vines behind the bed can be very soothing and fun. For a more playful look, combine them with white lights. A tray table can also double as a nightstand. If you’re looking for a more subtle approach, you can even place a motivational quote next to your bed. Another fan favorite is the room designed by Instagrammer Leah.

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Vintage-looking accessories

The modern take on preppy style mixes tradition with bold colors and patterns. Preppy rooms tend to have a mix of patterns, including stripes, plaids, hound teeth, and gingham checks. Preppy colors tend to be deep and dark blue and red, but you can also use bright colors to create a room full of personality. For more information on this style, check out our Pinterest page.

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The traditional style of Prep features a gallery wall. Antiques and vases are common elements. A Preppy Eclectic room combines the best aspects of both traditional and eclectic styles. While the traditional look includes antiques, fun fabrics, and Mid-Century touches, it is still recognizable as a room with a preppy room vibe. While some elements of the traditional style are retained, the eclectic mix incorporates modern and fun accessories, which makes the room feel more contemporary.

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Hunting prints are great for a preppy room. They look particularly sharp against a bold-colored wall. Adding nautical-style accessories to the room will create a cabin-like atmosphere. Vintage hunting prints and golf prints will look fresh against white walls, and can even be paired with a bright pink end table. In addition, it is important to keep in mind the type of lighting in the room.

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When creating a preppy-eclectic room, use color, texture, and shape. Preppy-inspired pieces of furniture will be functional and stylish. A zebra-pattern bedside lamp or a large, soft cushion headboard will add to the room’s preppy room appeal. Another popular piece of preppy-eclectic accessories is a flamingo or zebra-print chair.

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Classic patterns

When it comes to creating an interesting and preppy room, the pattern is crucial. Whether you choose a timeless pattern or choose one that is more contemporary, a pattern can either energize the room or make it feel more subdued. The following classic patterns are perfect for the preppy look:

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Pink and green are traditional colors of the preppy look, but you can find a modern version in red, yellow or brown. Colors that play well with white give off a modern preppy feel. Patterns like gingham and stripes are also perfect for a preppy room. Decorative pillows in tropical leaves and animals are fun ways to spice things up. You can also find traditional pieces like bed frames covered in punchy patterns.

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Paint wood furniture in a preppy room color scheme, such as burgundy or light blue. Changing the finish of your wood furniture with a more modern color scheme is also a great way to update your room. Gingham or striped wallpaper can add a touch of preppy flair to drawer fronts. You can even add gingham or striped wallpaper to accents or other areas of your home.

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A preppy room look can be achieved in many ways, but the most classic way to achieve it is to layer stripes and plaids throughout the home. While neutrals are best for the overall look, one area of the home can be dressed up with bright colors. This will create a more cohesive look than if you try to mix bold colors with the preppy style. And, of course, you can always use different colors and patterns to create a unique room.

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Bold color palette

Bold colors are a staple of the preppy room aesthetic, and navy blue is a great choice for this color scheme. These rich hues can be used to make a design statement while also blending well with neutrals. For a less overbearing look, you can use navy accents on accent walls, including throw pillows. Alternatively, you can install a navy wall mural to add a touch of bold color to your room.

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For the perfect combination of preppy style and modernity, combine bold colors with a neutral color palette. The traditional color combinations for preppy rooms are blue and white, but bold colors can create a fresh and modern look. You can also use contrasting colors, such as red and green, to give the space a more contemporary feel. You can also use gingham and stripes to create a preppy look. If you don’t have access to natural materials, choose hardware made of bamboo for furniture. Alternatively, you can also use white and blue pottery to create a preppy-themed room.

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Another preppy room design idea uses a bold color palette. In this Miami guesthouse, the designers have replicated the interior of a classic Beverly Hills bungalow. The bold color scheme and pattern choices make this guesthouse a great place for preppy decor to shine. A bold color palette can work with other bright accents and textures, such as a large mirror or a vintage-style chandelier. You can also add a playful touch to a guestroom by incorporating a tropical-inspired bed skirt or a whimsical pink lantern.

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A bold color palette is essential in preppy room design ideas. Pink and green go well together, but these colors can be applied to separate elements. A kelly green duvet cover will look amazing next to a carnation pink dust ruffle. And to add another element to the room, you can use throw pillows in bright hues. Remember that contrast is the key to a successful preppy room design.

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Painting wood furniture

Adding paint to wooden furniture is a simple yet effective preppy room design idea. Using plaid fabric over the top of a coffee table, for example, will help draw attention to the magazines tucked underneath, while a bright blue entry table can be topped with a traditional blue-and-white china vase. Preppy style is all about the details, so you’ll want to add trim to window treatments, upholstery, and lampshades. For an even more preppy look, use pom-poms, piping, or grosgrain ribbon.

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Paint is a great way to refresh wooden preppy room furniture, but sanding the piece can be a hassle. You’ll probably need a handheld sander to accomplish this. And if you don’t have one, you may not want to invest in one. And you might not be comfortable using a sander for very elaborate wood furniture. If you’re unsure of the sanding process, chalk paint might be the best way to go.

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To complete the look, add preppy-themed accessories. Hunting prints look great in a preppy room, and they go well with bold-colored walls. Adding nautical accessories can also give a cabin-like vibe to your room. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can also purchase vintage accessories from a thrift store or garage sale. A vintage hunting print next to a vibrant pink end table will look fresh and vintage.

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Choosing a starting color palette for your preppy room aesthetic bedroom is essential. Bright pastel tones can create the perfect backdrop for preppy wall decor. If you’d prefer a more contemporary look, go with bold lettering on furniture. For example, you could paint the backs of chairs in bold lettering. A monogram on the chair’s back would be a fun and personal touch. Traditionally, the preppy style included blue and white colors, but these days, red, pine green, yellow, and brown will make a stylish preppy home.

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