Purple and Grey Kitchen Ideas

Purple and Grey Kitchen Ideas if you love purple but hate the way the color looks in your kitchen, here are some great options: use one side of the wall in this shade, or a single accent in a purple kitchen. In this kitchen design, the purple accent is kept to a minimum, but a light purple island adds a splash of color to the room. You can even substitute green and white flowers for purple ones to add a splash of color.

Purple and Grey Kitchen Ideas 19
Purple and Grey Kitchen Ideas

Lavender and lilac are softer nuances

While the contrasting colors of the gray and purple kitchen have a similar underlying palette, the nuances of lavender and lilac make them both more feminine than masculine. Lavender is a strong color but one that will make any room feel more relaxing and feminine. Use light purple to accent furniture and accessories to bring out the color’s feminine appeal. Lavender works well with a variety of other colors and textures. If you have a kitchen that’s mostly grey, consider using this color in a small, discreet space.

Purple and Grey Kitchen Ideas 21
Purple and Grey Kitchen Ideas

The shade of purple you choose for your home is highly dependent on the style of your interior. While purple is associated with deep introspection and depression, lilac is a more gentle shade that is perfectly suited for the kitchen. It goes well with transparent surfaces and sparkles. In addition, you can use softer, wooden cabinets to create a stylish, eclectic look.

Purple and Grey Kitchen Ideas 9
Purple and Grey Kitchen Ideas

In contrast, lilac and lavender are softer nuances of purple and gray. They can make a kitchen feel cozier and more mysterious. While lilac and grey are considered dangerous, they are incredibly striking when used together. Choosing the right combination is critical and will ensure a stunning, stylish kitchen. Just remember to choose complementary shades and carefully arrange the lighting.

Purple and Grey Kitchen Ideas 14
Purple and Grey Kitchen Ideas

Lavender is a cool color with blue undertones. It falls somewhere between red and blue but is not a pastel color. Its hues are different enough from one another to be visually appealing and work well together. You can use different shades of color to enhance the overall look of the room. Consider using both lavender and grey in your kitchen.

Purple and Grey Kitchen Ideas 16
Purple and Grey Kitchen Ideas

The softer nuances of purple and grey create a cozy ambiance and can be combined with various textures. A kitchen with purple accents can incorporate stainless steel, exposed brick, shiny pans, and mosaic tiles. This color can be playful, individualistic, elegant, or neurotic, and can work with many other colors. If you’re planning to use a kitchen that uses these hues, make sure to carefully choose a color that’s not too dark or too light.

While the pure lilac shade is very modern, it’s not very common in the U.S. A palette of lavender and lilac colors will complement both modern and vintage interiors. Moreover, a combination of lilac with a white backdrop can make a space feel more comfortable, especially when paired with a lot of natural brown and beige colors. A light shade of purple will look beautiful in a rustic country-style setting.

Purple and Grey Kitchen Ideas 8
Purple and Grey Kitchen Ideas

If you’re using lilac in your kitchen, you’ll want to choose accents in the same shade. Unlike purple, lilac will be harder to match with a darker shade, so keep the rest of the decor in the same color family. Then, if you want to make the accents stand out and make them the focal point of the room, go for a softer shade of lilac.

Two-tone cabinet color scheme

If you want to use the color purple to accentuate your modern and contemporary kitchen, you should opt for a cabinet color scheme in this shade. The color is associated with luxury, elegance, and ambition, so choosing a cabinet color scheme in this hue will help you to make the most of your kitchen. Choose between a light and deep shade of this color to give your kitchen a truly unique look. However, be aware that too much purple may look too overwhelming, so you must use restraint.

Purple and Grey Kitchen Ideas 7
Purple and Grey Kitchen Ideas

When choosing a cabinet color scheme in purple and gray, it is important to consider the overall color scheme of the kitchen. Dark purple is an enticing color to combine with a grey kitchen. This color scheme will accentuate the island in the kitchen, and the dark base of the dining table will play off the purple. It can also be used in combination with other shades, like silver, to create an ultra-modern kitchen design.

Purple and Grey Kitchen Ideas 10
Purple and Grey Kitchen Ideas

You can also opt for a two-tone palette. The Naked Kitchens kitchen, for example, features pastel-hued floor cabinets and deeper plum-hued wall cabinets. The wall, on the other hand, is a matte grey concrete effect. Unlike other factors, the cabinetry will last longer. Also, if you plan to change your kitchen color scheme in the near future, light green can easily be modified to match the changing features of the design.

Purple and Grey Kitchen Ideas 12
Purple and Grey Kitchen Ideas

Another color combination that goes well with purple and grey is navy and dark blue. Depending on your interior design style, you can choose this shade as a neutral color. However, dark blue is also an accent color. A darker shade of navy blue will complement the lighter tone of the lower cabinets and work well with both grey and purple hues. A feature wall in this shade will add an extra pop of color to the space.

Purple and Grey Kitchen Ideas 17
Purple and Grey Kitchen Ideas

For an extra dramatic look, use two-toned cabinets. The effect of this two-toned look adds instant drama to a space. Mack, an interior designer, recommends contrasting darker and lighter cabinetry to make a dramatic effect. Similarly, a kitchen island can inject a touch of lightness and color into the room. And last but not least, a vibrant kitchen island will enhance the overall look.

Purple and Grey Kitchen Ideas 13
Purple and Grey Kitchen Ideas

Another color that goes well with this combination is orange. This bold color pairs well with white and adds a playful edge to your kitchen. Orange has a similar effect to purple but can be used in moderation. Orange can be balanced with light shades of blue, white, or simple gray. It will make your kitchen appear spacious and elegant. A light shade of orange, for example, can make a dramatic impact on a dark kitchen.

Copper kitchen appliances

For a truly glamorous and unique look, consider copper kitchen appliances. This sleek and stylish material is traditionally associated with period homes and traditional interiors, but homeware brands are now using copper in accessories, furniture, and lighting to add a touch of luxury to your kitchen. Copper’s antimicrobial properties make it perfect for busy kitchens and bathrooms. The gleaming surface and contrasting color of copper is both stylish and functional.

Purple and Grey Kitchen Ideas 20
Purple and Grey Kitchen Ideas

In addition to your copper appliances, you can incorporate copper decor to make your kitchen look warmer. Copper pots and pans look stunning on a floating shelf. Copper wall sconces and floor lamps can also be a wonderful accent. The copper decor is great for a kitchen corner or as a stand-alone statement. Copper lightbulbs are a great way to add a touch of gold to any kitchen.

Purple and Grey Kitchen Ideas 3
Purple and Grey Kitchen Ideas

A striking, moody palette can be created with copper and terra cotta. This trending color combination will bring out the pinkish tones in the grey kitchen. Copper is used for everything from lighting to pots and pans. You can even purchase a copper range cooker from Mercury. You can also add warm touches to your gray units with wood trim. Alternatively, you can also add cool elements like matching wood wall cabinets and metro tiles to the walls.

Purple and Grey Kitchen Ideas 1
Purple and Grey Kitchen Ideas

If you are brave enough, you can go for the pink and grey combination. Although it is not for the faint-hearted, rosy copper handles will blend in with wooden furniture and candy-colored walls. Copper is another great color combination when used in conjunction with a purple and grey kitchen. For a more subtle look, you could try a teal color or a mid-grey color. Alternatively, a splashback of glass will mimic the look of a glossy slab-style door.

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