Screen House Balmain: Black Modern Interior of a Home Extension in Australia

There comes a point in our life when we need to adjust to the certain changes.
This new extension of a cottage in Sydney, Australia is indeed impressive. Notice how the old cottage looks as seen in the image and how stunning the modern extension is! I can just imagine how it would feel to get into this space like you are in another home already. Carter Williamson In this picture, you can see the old cottage where the extension is connected. Also seen here is a small courtyard filled with plants. Screen House The wooden pendant lights compliment with the rest of the home because of its material. It is also one of the functional decorations that add more beauty to the interior. Screen House dining area The dining area features a ladder that has been added to the cabinetry in order to provide easy access to the upper cabinets. It also adds as a decorative item too. Also seen here is a collection of simple and elegant wood pendant lights that help to anchor the dining table. Screen House kitchen cabinet This is part of the home’s new extension featuring black cabinetry that runs the length of the wall from the kitchen through to the dining area. Also seen here is a wood kitchen island that ties in with the wood dining table and the wood window and door frames. Read Also: The Modern Contemporary Black and White Interiors of Toorak House Screen House stairs Seen here is the staircase that is located by the kitchen. It leads to the upper floor of the house where the bedrooms and bathrooms are located. For sure you will agree with me that this staircase is a beautiful centerpiece of the home. Screen House dining room Both the dining and living areas open up to the backyard. This is made possible with the use of large full height sliding glass doors that also provide natural light to the space when closed. There is also another dining area in the backyard which sits on a raised space. Screen House bathroom Like the rest of the home’s interior, the bathroom also has a black theme. This is located opposite the courtyard by the kitchen and by the stairs. This stunning modern bathroom features small black penny tiles that cover the surfaces and frosted windows that provide natural light into the space. If you are not a fan of this look, check out black and white bathrooms that you might prefer. Screen House backyard This is the outdoor dining area that we mentioned earlier. As you can see, it is located on a raised concrete which can be accessed through the stairs. Notice also that the surrounding landscape has a beautiful design and it would be very relaxing to do some activities here like reading or even dining out. Screen House colorful bathroom Instead of black, one of the bathrooms in the house that is located upstairs used colorful tiles. Aside from its bright colors, the tiles also have stripes in it which adds a creative appeal to the space from the walls to the ceiling. This is indeed a surprising twist from the look of the home’s other interior spaces. The Screen House Balmain is indeed a beautiful project from Carter Williamson. The result of the designer’s creativity is no doubt impressive and it gave the owners a new space where they can do their daily home activities. But what I love most here is their usage of black and wooden materials! While others would not be open to the use of black colors, the designers of this home preferred to utilize the color to come up with a unique interior. I also love their choice of decors and accessories. Aside from that, it was a good idea to open the space to the outdoors, allowing the residents to enjoy nature’s charm. Can you tell me what certain features do you like most in this home?

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