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The Hoke House: Twilight’s Cullen Family Residence

Hoke House The use of natural materials makes this sleek modern contemporary house suitable to the location of green forestry. Cullen Family Residence In a middle of a dark area covered with trees, you will surely see this house with so many lights. contemporary entry Given a contemporary look with jars and other accessories, this area is indeed great if you want to spend private moments while having a good view of the woods. transparent wall Another view of the area which is surrounded by clear glasses. classic furnitures Who would not want to take a sit and relax when your living room is this cosy? living room The color of the seating furniture adds beauty to this living room as it matches with the wooden flooring. living room design Aside from the furnishings, this living room is brought to the higher level of design with the use of ecletic furniture, accessories and accents. bookshelf A perfect modern fireplace at another living area makes it look more inviting and relaxing at the same time. kitchen design The use of wooden granite top splashback suits to the modern contemporary interior of the house with a green touch. kitchen lights A more wider view of the kitchen which is seldom used by vampires for they only cook for human visitors and not for themselves. kitchen table An open dining area with overhead lights and uniquely shaped seats that gives the house a more modern contemporary look. bedroom This wide bedroom looks even wider by using white paint, tinted glass and ceiling lights. kids bedroom Even the kid’s bedroom looks neat with the use of clean lines for the interior design. dining area White furnishings and decors gives this porch more beauty. terrace A good view of nature is seen from this area which has also the touch of nature. white bathroom design Prestine white comfort room with a totally clean look. bathroom accessories Everything is indeed white in this comfort room with sky lights and natural light from the glass window. Mill House Glass and wooden treads for this stairs is an added appeal to the house. Hoke House

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