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The Inverted Warehouse Townhouse of New York

People in Manhattan and other neighboring cities were truly amazed of the extraordinary design of Architect Charles Wolf and the known designer Eunjeong Seong. The Inverted Townhouse in New York is obviously one of the prides of Manhattan for it is a renovation of a warehouse loft turned into an impressive townhouse. It is an addition and renovation of a Tribeca Loft building. For some people they find it truly interesting to live in. Although some say that the design is a little brutal and inflexible. The main entrance of this house is located in the fifth floor whereas there are two sequences that separate the public and private direction. While the upward direction connect the public spaces and the downward direction goes to the bedrooms, playrooms and the study room that’s why it is called the Inverted Warehouse Townhouse. We believe that these design is not precisely a cozy home but at least it emphasized its unique features to stand in line of the Manhattan’s famous townhouses. It has an elevator that opens from the main entrance and there are descending elements that highlighted the upside-down organization. It is seen here that there are three double-story levels which are dig out from the dark center of the deep warehouse floor plates to welcome the light all over the house. Many claimed that the main accomplishment of Dean-Wolf’s work of art is cutting the roof open to allow the natural light and air into the interior public areas. They utilized glass panels to create a shining effect into the dark center of the building. There are more secrets to be revealed here. So in order for us to know the reasons why it amazed the many people, let us come and explore the different areas of the Inverted Townhouse. Foyer Staircase Inverted Warehouse Townhouse New York hone design bathroom Staircase Stairs View Inverted Townhouse contemporary design stairs design natural light design Living room furniture designs cross Section Inverted Warehouse Townhouse floor plan People of Manhattan truly loves the artistic and creative design of the Inverted Townhouse in New York. As we take a tour in this house, we can claim that the architect as well as the designer really deserved to achieve many awards for their exceptional talent and skills. This domestic type of house is suitable in New York. The group effort that has been shown by Dean-Wolf Architects of New York – dean-wolf.com, with the skillful minds and wits of Charles Wolf and Eunjeong Seong as the designer is really extraordinary. The use of the visible stairs that stage a sense of lift and upward and the visibility between floors that brightens the dark boxy rooms inside of a windowless type of warehouse will mark in the minds of the people.

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