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The Oregon Beach House: A Relaxing Sanctuary

The snow has not yet calmed down in most parts of the world. For some, it has just started recently especially in the United Kingdom. There are somehow parts of the world that summer is peeking particularly Australia. We have posted several home design features and here goes another one to inspire you again. This time, a Beach House which could be one of the type of houses you’d dream to have. When you’d need time to relax away from city pressure and stress, there’s a type of house where you could consider your sanctuary in times that you’ll need to chill out. There are several designs of Beach Houses and today’s feature is one of the best and one of the coolest choices we have. Aside from the style to consider from both architecture and interior, the location of the house is also one of those in top priority. It matters to see a very relaxing view when away from the busy city life. In our post for today, we take a look at a beach house developed by Oregon through John Gray. The history of the community where this house belongs to started with Gray with John Storrs, Barbara Feeley and Saul Zaik of Pacific Northwest Modernism. So here goes one of the beach homes that gets to see the beautiful view of Siletz Bay. The house has been designed in U-shape and organized at that. Let’s take you to a tour around its amazing architecture and interior design. Oregon Beach House Relaxing home design Bed Room Bathroom Children's Bedroom Dining Area Working Area Amazing View of the House Living Area Oregon Beach House Comfort and style would always matter especially these days that life becomes busy and stressful from its demands. The Oregon Beach House is a Modern Beach house that offers a Portland style of a family sanctuary with all its privacy and flexibility when it comes to space for its guests as it is said by the Boora Architects. The Beach House is located by the Siletz Bay and the construction is credited to Boora Architects for this brilliant architectural and interior design. The satisfaction of one’s dream house is the comfort it will give.

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