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Theodore Wirth Ranch Exudes a Homey Modern Vibe

Who wouldn’t want to live in a home that is not just beautiful but also totally comfortable and cozy? Envisioned as a modern ranch, the home sits next to a densely wooded park that creates a retreat-like feel during the summer months while revealing the Minneapolis downtown skyline and its close proximity to the city throughout the winter season. Strand Design The home uses a variety of key materials throughout its design, like Corten Steel wall panels, natural Cedar, ground and polished concrete and Kasota limestone. Theodore Wirth Ranch Containing the volumes of the home, the striking cantilevered roof plane shields the living spaces from the summer sun while catalyzing the sense of energy and movement throughout the entire site. Theodore Wirth Ranch exterior With a constant requirement for precision, the joinery and timing of materials throughout the home create clean, harmonic spaces that carry one throughout the home. Celebrating a truth in materials, white walls highlight the wide variety of finishes including clear timber, sandstone, marble, cork, concrete, and steel. Theodore Wirth Ranch entry Stepping inside, the materials from the exterior of the home are also used on the interior, like in the entryway, where a floating bench is affixed to a limestone wall. Theodore Wirth Ranch living In the living room, the same limestone is used as a fireplace surround and wood framed windows let plenty of natural light in. Theodore Wirth Ranch dining Off to the right of the kitchen is a dining booth with lime green and patterned banquette seating. On the other side of the kitchen and near the front door is the dining room. Wood cabinetry ties in with the wood ceiling and wood dining table. Theodore Wirth Ranch home office There’s a home office suitable for two people with views of the surrounding parkland. Read Also: Timeless Materials in Leschi Dearborn House of Seattle, Washington Theodore Wirth Ranch kitchen Behind the living room is the kitchen that combines wood and white cabinets and counters with black elements for a sophisticated modern appearance. Theodore Wirth Ranch kitchen details Aside from the black and wood combination in the kitchen, it also boasts its angular design for the island and shelves. This does not only create a unique feature in the kitchen but it also adds a modern vibe to the entire space. Theodore Wirth Ranch bedroom The bedroom has large windows that become the focal point in the room as the wood frames of the windows break up the mostly white room. Theodore Wirth Ranch bathroom In the master bathroom, a dark wood-framed mirror sits above the vanity with dual sinks and a stone counter. Theodore Wirth Ranch power room In the powder room, a few brass accents and a tall mirror brighten up the small space. Theodore Wirth Ranch wood steel stairs Seen here is the staircase that is made from a combination of wood and steel. It sure gives this home that modern ranch feel! Theodore Wirth Ranch stairs The wood cabinetry in the dining room somewhat hides the stairs that lead down to the basement, where there are an open storage space and wine cellar. Theodore Wirth Ranch outdoor space Just off the living room is an outdoor space with a swimming pool, deck, and cabana with an outdoor kitchen and dining area. Looking back at the house, the cantilevered roof plane shields the living spaces from the summer sun. Mitigating street noise from the southern edge of the property, a planted berm adds privacy while further creating a sense of refuge in its semi-urban setting. Theodore Wirth Ranch pool This residence was designed in a way that can easily accommodate gatherings and be used as a place to entertain. Central to the property, a 10-meter swimming pool reflects views of the surrounding structures. Theodore Wirth Ranch pool area In addition to the sauna, the pool house along the western edge provides a sheltered deck area and outdoor kitchen. Reflecting off the expansive south facing windows of the home, the pool helps frame views from within the open volumes of the living spaces. One of the goals of the designers is to create a home with lasting durability and an enduring aesthetic. In order to achieve that, Strand Design used varied materials for the project. All the materials were carefully chosen for their natural beauty. This way, it can draw a close connection to the raw elements of the earth. Because of this, the house turned out really beautiful both in the interior and exterior. Aside from that, the outdoor area is also very inviting especially that it has its own pool and a pool house. There are many impressive features of this house that you will surely love to use as an inspiration for your dream home. Can you tell me what you like most in this home?

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