Trailer Kitchen Ideas – How to Spice Up Your Travel Trailer

Trailer Kitchen Ideas – How to Spice Up Your Travel Trailer some RVers keep a microwave basket in the trailer kitchen. This basket holds everything from spices to pasta. She also keeps a dish tub inside. And if there’s no refrigerator, she keeps a large basket inside her microwave for making instant noodles. Another trailer kitchen idea: an outdoor kitchen. Here are a few more ideas to spice up your travel trailer:

Trailer Kitchen Ideas How to Spice Up Your Travel Trailer17

Dish tubs

When you have limited storage space in your RV, you’ll want to maximize the use of dish tubs. These compact, BPA-free containers pop open and close, saving up to 70% of your trailer kitchen storage space. They also come with a hanging hole to keep them within easy reach. And if you’re not the type to invest in a dedicated dish rack, consider investing in pinch n’ grip oven mitts, which take up hardly any space but provide a high level of protection against hot cast-iron pots and baking dishes.

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Wall baskets

When considering the use of wall baskets in your trailer kitchen ideas, think about the space that you will use them in. The wall space above your sink or over your toilet is a prime example of an underutilized space that is perfect for storing pots and pans and utensils. These items will save you space and also keep pests out of your food! The storage space is also handy for storing small items like kitchen towels.

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For extra space, you can mount a grater or cutting board that spans both sinks. These large containers can double as mini pantry space and can’t roll off the shelf if you hit a bump. Other trailer kitchen ideas for the walls include hooks and wall baskets. You can find both types of containers and baskets on Amazon. You can choose one that’s appropriate for your needs and add a shelf to keep things organized.

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A great way to use vertical space in your trailer kitchen is to hang hanging baskets. These can hold a variety of items off your kitchen counter, including cooking oils and plastic wrap. You can screw a wall basket into a surface so that it doesn’t fall off. Most RV owners use wooden side panels for their kitchen cabinets, so they can hang their wall baskets in the right location. The baskets can be used for different items, from storing utensils and cooking oils to keeping trash separate.

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Custom banquettes

While banquettes are often casual and simple, you can make them more sophisticated by choosing a glam fabric or custom design. This style would look stunning in any space. But don’t forget about the size! Bigger banquettes require more space and would suit a larger family. They can span the entire back wall of your trailer kitchen. Choose one that pairs well with a long, narrow dining table. Here are some ideas.

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One option is a kidney-shaped banquette that encircles a single-door pantry. This option will accommodate a number of diners without taking up space in your trailer kitchen. Besides providing a dining area for two adults, it also has additional storage space underneath. An inlaid stone table will also keep kids from spilling paint or scrubbing it. Pair the table with neutral pillows to keep it from looking too drab.

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Another option is to have built-in banquettes. These can be very versatile and functional, and will also provide extra seating for a family of three. In this case, you can also combine the banquettes with a standard sofa or an armchair. If you have children, you can also choose a velvet settee that matches the rest of the furniture. Another trailer kitchen option is to combine a banquette with a traditional dining table and chairs for an elegant and comfortable dining area.

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Outdoor kitchens

While traditional outdoor kitchens require a full-sized trailer kitchen, there are plenty of smaller outdoor options to suit your needs. A mid-sized model features a pull-out cooktop and refrigerator. Both features are handy since they don’t take up space and can easily be pushed back when not in use. Other features include large double-door cabinets for storing dishes and spices. The storage area can remain unobstructed while the trailer is in motion.

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When shopping for a travel trailer kitchen, you’ll need to decide if an outdoor kitchen is a must-have feature. For example, if you’re going to rarely hook up to a power source, you may not need an outdoor microwave, refrigerator, or built-in cook-top. However, if you’re planning on staying at a campground for a long time, you may want to consider additional features such as an outdoor television, a sound system, or a microwave for use while cooking.

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You can choose from two different models. The Adventurer 29B is an excellent example of an outdoor trailer kitchen with a mini-refrigerator and a double burner grill. This model is perfect for young families and includes everything a young family needs for a successful camping trip. Other options include Keystone RV Passports. This model is the perfect solution if you’re a family looking for an outdoor kitchen for the first time.

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Propane cooktop

For a trailer kitchen, a propane cooktop is a necessity. Almost all RVs need a propane system for cooking, so getting one will be no problem. However, if you don’t have one yet, you’ll need to install a new one. Here are some ideas to help you buy one for your trailer:

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If you want an entire kitchen setup, a propane cooktop is your best option. These appliances run on propane and are designed to fit into your existing oven in the trailer kitchen. Some trailers have a separate oven and cooktop, while others have both. The number of burners on an RV cooktop can vary greatly – the more expensive models will have more. Propane is flammable, but it’s better than having to cook on a gas stove!

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Another option for a stovetop in your RV is an induction burner. These burners use electricity to generate heat instead of propane, and they can be easily stored under the counter or cabinet when they are not in use. These cooktops are generally inexpensive compared to propane, but they are not recommended for constant use. Choosing between these two options is an important decision you’ll have to make for your trailer kitchen.

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Center island

If you are a fan of traveling on the cheap, you should consider buying a trailer kitchen with a center island. This space can be used for many purposes, from prepping food to storing items. Some travel trailers also feature a double sink. Choosing a center island over a countertop can help you save space and feel more comfortable while cooking. The center island in trailers can also be used as a bar-stool seating area if you want to entertain your guests.

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While many people are drawn to a traditional trailer kitchen, a center kitchen island can be a great space for entertaining and cooking. An island can provide extra space for food prep and can also serve as a place for storing linens and other larger items. There are also several storage options on the island, including baskets, which make it convenient for the entire family to prepare meals. If you are unsure of what to choose, consider the following tips to find the perfect kitchen island for your trailer.

Trailer Kitchen Ideas How to Spice Up Your Travel Trailer10

If you want extra storage space, you can install a center island. Many RVs come with a microwave and stove, while others have a full-size refrigerator. Some also have a dinette or sofa that can be used as additional storage space. Other features include a fireplace and overhead storage. It’s important to choose a trailer kitchen that fits your needs and budget. When buying an RV, make sure to read customer reviews and consider what amenities are essential.

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