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What are the DIY and Ideas Option?

What are the DIY and Ideas Option? Do you like to do small jobs and are you looking for a new DIY&Ideas project? All sorts of cool ideas pop up everywhere, with clear step-by-step plans and beautiful style tips. Trying one will make you feel good. All you need for this is creative ideas and your unique touches. DIY and Ideas Option offers different opportunities.

DIY&Ideas: Make Your Own Home Accessories

Buying even a small item for the home can be expensive today. Unfortunately not everyone is lucky enough to buy new things. But if you want, you can do much better at home yourself. You can really beautify your space with accessories. Get started now and give your home a unique look with homemade home accessories! DIY and Ideas Option offers different opportunities.

DIY&Ideas With Old Mirrors

Make your own composite mirror in the living room, toilet or bedroom with old mirrors

  • Collect old mirrors that differ in shape and size. Make sure you adjust the dimensions well. A total of seven mirrors are used in this DIY&Ideas.
  • Make a composition of mirrors on a large piece of paper. This way you can ultimately determine how large the bottom plate should be. Remember that there is a balance in the weight of the different mirrors.
  • Mark the dimensions on a MDF board and cut to size the bottom plate where the mirrors will be attached. Make sure the bottom plate is not visible by overlapping the mirrors.
  • Screw the blocks onto the bottom plate. Make sure the length of the screw is no more than the thickness of the block plus the thickness of the bottom plate.
  • Attach the blocks with the mounting kit and place the mirrors on top of the blocks with the kit. Press down firmly and let it stick for at least an hour.
  • Find out where your new piece will be and drill a hole in the wall. Insert a universal plug here and screw a solid long screw through the hole in the bottom plate into the plug. Hang your mirror design. Finally you should be proud of yourself with this great DIY&Ideas work.

3 Fun DIY&Ideas For The Garden

There are also fun DIY&ideas options for the garden. Here are 3 DIY ideas for every budget and every business level. From the flower pot to the garden table, from the playhouse to the plant cart. It is up to you whether you want to do it in your garden or on your balcony:

  • Playhouse with chalkboard and sandbox: A nice variation on the standard sandbox and an original way to create a play corner for children in the garden.
  • A wooden wheeled flowerpot: Would you like to make a new flowerpot? Thanks to DIY& Ideas, you can easily move it thanks to the handy wheels on the bottom.
  • Recycle your old garden table: Do you have old furniture in your garden or balcony? Who knows, you can give it a nice second life! For example, you can furnish an old, dirty garden table to refresh the table. DIY and Ideas Option always preferred.

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