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Windhover 3: A Victorian Contemporary House Extension

House extensions are commonly done by homeowners who have thought of having additional rooms in their house for their family’s convenience. Some extensions are done on the rear side, left side, and right side. But the most challenging of all is when you will design an extension for the front area because you would be similarly designing for a new house. You need to create a good design for the facade to make the home look new and sophisticated. Of course, even if the design is vital, the function of the areas inside the house should be given attention, too. Windhover 3 is a home extension project of Ailtire Architects located in Dublin, Ireland. You could see its unique design using geometric lines and shapes especially in the roofing area. Using concrete, wood and glazed glass for the facade made the house look truly elegant and inviting. This house extension is designed for a two-storey residential building with an open layout at the ground floor where you can find the kitchen, dining and living area. On the second floor are two bedrooms and another living area overlooking the front view of the house. One aspect that made this house unique is its usage of folded wooden glass door for the main entrance. The door when closed appears like a glass wall which gives a great aesthetic to the house. Apart from the beautiful design of the facade, there is also a masonry brick wall on the side which leads the way towards a garden that is valued by the homeowners. Check out some https://homedesignlover.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01 of the house extension below. Windhover Victorian Contemporary House Victorian home design wood walls glass wall folding wall living room interior design indoor lightings floor plan Windhover Impressive yet simple- these are the words that could best describe Windhover 3 as designed by Ailtire Architects. They were able to successfully design a house that not only suits to the needs of the family but also made it stand out from the rest of the homes in their area. The well-designed roof of artistic style is a factor that made the house unique. Even if t is a mere extension, it surely wowed people around the globe. Well, after seeing Windhover, you will surely agree that even house extensions can magically remake your existing homes into something that you had always dreamed of. If you would like to have additional rooms in your home and you want to have a better facade, then you can go for a home extension. Just be sure that your space is enough for it.

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